ROH on SBG: 9/14/13 Report

The show kicks off with Nigel McGuinness confirming that Michael Bennett will progress in the ROH World Title tournament after his match with BJ Whitmer was stopped last week.

ROH World Title Tournament First Round: Roderick Strong vs. Matt Taven

Taven is accompanied, as always, by Truth Martini and the hoopla hotties. The World TV title is not on the line. Unlike most of his matches, Taven actually dominates most of the early goings in this one. Strong tries to fight back but is attacked with the book of truth. That leads to Taven accidentally kicking Martini in the face as Nigel tries to send him to the back. Strong eventually wins after a Sick Kick and backbreaker.

Winner by pinfall: Roderick Strong’s thoughts: The crowd went crazy at the end and it was a great back-and-forth match. Taven continues to improve and this was a great way to start the show.

ROH World Title Tournament First Round: Kevin Steen vs. Brian Kendrick

This is another interesting match up that could end up being great if they have good chemistry. Kendrick is playing the douchebag heel roll and tries to frustrate Steen by stalling and slowing things down. Something just didn’t really click with this one and I think the fact nobody bought Kendrick winning probably hurt it. Steen wins with the Sharpshooter which obviously got a good pop in Toronto.

Winner by submission: Kevin Steen’s thoughts: Decent enough but was expecting a bit more from Kendrick in his first appearance in ROH for quite some time. Something just didn’t click between these two.

ROH World Title Tournament Quarter Final: Adam Cole vs. Jay Lethal

Again, on paper this looks like an awesome contest. Kevin Kelly keeps talking about the ‘golden age of honor’ which is ridiculously cringeworthy. They did a great job of keeping your interest high with an incredibly even match just like it should have been with two of ROH’s best. They didn’t go over the top with the kick outs and such as Cole won with the Florida Key to make him look very strong as one of the favourites to be the next World champion.

Winner by pinfall: Adam Cole’s thoughts: This was exactly what you’d expect from two guys as good as these two. It started off slowly with plenty of submissions and then escalated into a fantastic last five or so minutes. 

Steven Coney

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