ROH on SBG : 9/24 Results

Kevin Kelly welcomes us to the first episode of Ring of Honor Wrestling on SBG with the set-up looking very nice indeed.

He introduces his colour commentator, former ROH legend Nigel McGuinness! Nigel comes out to a big pop and puts over Ring of Honor and says it’s great to be back.

We go to some pre-recorded interviews with Future Shock and the Bravado Brothers (you can check out our interviews with all four competitors HERE.

Both teams come out to very mixed responses as we kick off the first ever match in the ROH on SBG era.

Future Shock vs. The Bravados

Kyle O’Reilly and Adam Cole start the match much brighter than their opponents and show off some nice double team moves including a double armbar on both Bravados. The brothers fight back and after a blind tag, they hit a big double suplex to gain a foothold in the match. The action continues and Futue Shock take control once more. O’Reilly hits a big double dropkick on Harlem and Lance before a DDT and German Suplex combo gets them a near fall.

With both Bravados on the outside having a breather, Cole hits a perfect dive onto both of them. O’Reilly then follows up with his patented running dropkick from the apron – Harlem being on the end of the impressive move. Cole hits a big crossbody but Harlem rolls through the pin and gets a two count after grabbing a hand-full of tights. Lance gets thrown out once more which allows Future Shock to hit their ‘Ride The Lightning’ finisher move (high/low) for the win.

Winners by pinfall: Future Shock’s thoughts: What a match to kick off the first ever ROH on SBG! I like the way they went for total Tag Team wrestling on the first episode as wrestling fans haven’t seen a lot of it lately in the mainstream promotions. These two young teams have bright futures and hit some nice double team manoeuvres because they’re actual teams, not just two guys thrown together. Impressive start and really enjoyable match!

After the match, we see a brief recap of the ‘Best In The World‘ iPPV from back in June. We see clips from the four-way elimination tag team match for the Tag Titles as well as the World Title match between Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards.

There is also a brief interview with Edwards and he speaks about the match and how deserving a champion Davey is as we see the emotional scenes that followed his title win.

We then go to another segment called ‘Inside ROH’. This is obviously a part of the show where new fans tuning in get to learn a bit about the company and I think it’s a great idea.

Jim Cornette explains what the ‘Code of Honor’ is all about to the viewers and then we hear some words from Jay Lethal. He talks about his past in ROH and how much he has enjoyed his return so far, he also hypes up next week’s TV Title match against El Generico.

We then again see highlights from ‘Best In The World‘. This time we get a more in-depth look at the four-way tag team elimination match – especially Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team and the Kings of Wrestling who are facing off in tonight’s main event.

We see a brief interview with the Briscoe Brothers who speak to Kevin Kelly before going back to the arena for the main event.

ROH World Tag Team Championship
Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team vs. The Kings of Wrestling

The Kings – who held the ROH Tag Team Titles for almost a year before losing them to WGTT at ‘Honor Takes Center Stage’ – take the advantage early on. The action spills to the outside soon enough and Benjamin goes for a big splash on Hero but ‘That Young Knockout Kid’ moves out the way and Benjamin hits the steel post head first. Haas has to got it alone temporarily and hits a hurricanrana, dropkick and then a butterfly suplex on the Kings – not bad for a 39-year-old!

The Kings fight back though and Hero hits one of his big elbows after taking his protective elbow pad off. Claudio gets Haas in the big swing and Hero comes in with a nasty dropkick which gets them a two count. They go for the KRS-1, a move they have never hit on WGTT – but Shelton returns and Haas rolls Hero up for two. The ‘Leap of Faith’ sends Claudio out of the ring which sets up ‘Wrestling’s Greatest Finisher’ (jumping clothesline/spinebuster) and the champions retain!

Winners by pinfall and STILL ROH World Tag Team Champions
Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team’s thoughts: Yet another brilliant tag team match on this debut episode. These two teams are very well known and they also bring brilliant wrestling ability with their star power. Yes, these teams have had better matches, but considering this was a match for TV, it was almost 20 minutes long and really showed what both of these teams are all about. The Kings will be missed but have contributed so much to ROH in the past few years – thank you!

We see a graphic of next week’s main event which is El Generico vs. Jay Lethal for the ROH World TV Title as the first ever ROH Wrestling on SBG comes to an end.

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