ROH on SBG: 9/7/13 Report

This week we have road rage from ‘All Star Extravaganza V’ in Toronto, Canada as we see three matches from the ROH World Title tournament.

Tommaso Ciampa vs. Silas Young

Ciampa once again gets a great reaction from the crowd, like he has each time since his return from injury. This was just two warriors knocking the holy hell out of each other and it made for great viewing. Both guys get good reactions from the fans and it led to a fun match which the crowd were really into. There was maybe a bit too much no selling from Ciampa as he gets the win with the Project Ciampa.

Winner by pinfall: Tommaso Ciampa’s thoughts: A good match to begin the show and I’m a big fan of both of these. Young should really feature more in ROH and it was just a great slug fest between two really good, charismatic wrestlers.

Michael Bennett w/Maria Kanellis vs. BJ Whitmer

he winner of this one will face Tommaso Ciampa in the next round. Pretty slow start to this one as BJ takes lots of punishment with Maria orchestrating Bennett’s attacks. Maria gets thrown out after trying to give Bennett a shoe to use as a weapon. BJ almost gets the win with a couple of near falls before the match is stopped after Bennett delivers a piledriver on the ring apron. Todd Sinclair instantly calls for the bell as Whitmer looks out of it.

BJ Whitmer and Michael Bennett fought to a no contest’s thoughts: It’s hard to judge this match seeing as it ended prematurely but I don’t think we needed another contest between these two. I don’t see much chemistry but regardless, we wish BJ Whitmer well in his recovery.

Michael Elgin vs. Paul London

Elgin often works well with smaller guys so I’m hoping these two mesh together well. My hopes were answered as both guys gave all they had to help make a great match. London even made you believe he could win against a guy who many are tipping to be next World champ. He hits the shooting star press but only gets a near fall before Elgin comes back with a powerbomb off the top followed by the Elgin bomb to win.

Winner by pinfall: Michael Elgin’s thoughts:¬†Fantastic match to end the show – just as we imagined. London showed he still has it and it would be great to have him back full-time. Definitely reached four star range and the crowd were completely into it. It’s hard to look past Elgin in this tournament, the man is a beast.

Steven Coney

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