ROH on SBG Report: 9/15/12

This week’s episode of ROH is a special “Road Rage” edition featuring matches from “Boiling Point.” The show starts off with highlights of how last week’s show ended, which was a massive brawl that featured S.C.U.M. and the House of Truth.

Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to the show live from “Boiling Point.”

Charlie Haas says that Truth Martini has a dysfunctional family, and the nucleus of that problem is Elgin.

Charlie Haas vs Michael Elgin w/Truth Martini & Roderick Strong

The House of Truth come out for a promo. Truth Martini says Kevin Steen will retain the World title tonight and will go on to lose to Rhino at ‘Death Before Dishonor X’. Elgin then gets the mic and says he has signed papers to confirm his World title shot for ‘Glory By Honor XI’ but Strong says Martini promised him the title shot. Strong says he’s on strike from the House of Truth and says he’ll watch Elgin fail in Canada.

Elgin starts the match on top, hitting a diving shoulder block off the second rope and then hitting an impressive stalling suplex. Strong comes out to ringside and Haas uses the distraction to attack Elgin from behind as Roddy gets a seat and watches from ringside with a beer or three. Haas goes to work on the left leg and knee of Elgin and uses the steel ringpost to his advantage. Elgin takes a lot of punishment before finally fighting back with a running knee for two before sending him to the outside with a kick. Elgin considers going for a dive but Strong gets in the way which allows Haas to take advantage. Elgin spears Haas who in turn knocks Strong over and Elgin pours beer on him. Back in the ring, Strong sprays beer in Elgin’s eyes and Haas with a rollup for the victory.

Winner by Pinfall: Charlie Haas

It’s now time for Inside ROH. Three matches have been announced for “Glory by Honor XI” Oct. 13. The first is Michael Elgin challenging Kevin Steen for the ROH World Title. Steen says he’s going to show everyone that Elgin isn’t unbeatable. Another match that has been set is Mike Bennett taking on Mike Mondo. Mondo says Maria stuck her tongue down his throat first and that Maria needs a real man. ROH World TV Champion Adam Cole will also defend his belt against Eddie Edwards at the next iPPV. Cole says Edwards has taught him a lot so far, but what the main things Edwards taught him is that if you work hard for something, you can’t let it go. Cole says he has worked too hard to get the ROH World TV Title to let it go. “Survival of the Fittest” will take place throughout the month of October on Ring of Honor television, with the final being on the weekend of Oct. 27 and 28.

The Briscoes vs S.C.U.M (Jimmy Jacobs & Steve Corino)

This is a ‘Relaxed Rules’ match meaning the referee won’t be as strict as normal. Match goes to the outside early on with some great action and then Mark Briscoe hits a moonsault onto the other three guys from the top rope. Both teams continue to do battle on the outside before the action returns to the ring and Jay Briscoe clears house after a hot tag but Jacobs & Corino soon regain control. Mark then gets another hot tag and hits some redneck kung-fu on Jacobs followed by the running knees. Corino fights back with a high backdrop driver for two before Jay comes in and hits a Death Valley Driver for two before running into a spear from Jacobs. Mark takes out Corino on the outside before hitting the froggy elbow drop on Jacobs but Corino comes back to break it up. Jacobs hits an Ace Crusher from the second rope for two but then the Briscoes take out Corino and manage to hit the Doomsday Device on Jacobs for the win.

Winners by Pinfall: The Briscoes

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