Former ROH Star Returns On The Proving Ground‏‏‏

February 17, 2012 will be a very memorable night for longtime ROH fans.  A Proving Ground match for the TV Title has been announced, and it will feature the return of one of ROH’s founding competitors.  That night, in Cincinnati, Jay Lethal will step yet again onto the Proving Ground to meet a former 4-time tag champion, BJ Whitmer, in Whitmer’s first match in ROH in four years!

Whitmer, who competed regularly for ROH between 2002 and 2008, is a man with quite a resume.  First World Title challenger of the PPV era, member of The Prophecy, and one of ROH’s leaders during the ROH/CZW war, Whitmer accomplished quite a bit in  nearly six years with the company.  A singles title always alluded him, however, and that’s a situation he intends to rectify on the Proving Ground.  It’s Lethal and Whitmer with a TV Title shot hanging inthe balance as ROH invades Cincinnati!

Landon Sands

Landon is the former news writer of ROHWorld.