ROH Undisputed Legacy Review-02/03/17

ROH Undisputed Legacy Review
Ford Community & Performing Arts Center
San Antonio, Texas

This is the first show of a double shot in Texas for Ring of Honor. Ian Riccaboni and Silas Young were on commentary to start the show, as Kevin Kelly’s NJPW commitments had him halfway across the world.

Will Ferrara vs. Jonathan Gresham
Both men adhered to the code of honor to start the match and locked up in a test of strength that Gresham was able to deftly reverse by rolling backwards, reverse the pressure back on Ferrara. The two traded side headlocks and quick reversals until Gresham locked in a head scissors. Ferrara was able to escape and locked in a top wrist lock, showing off his technical acumen. Both men then traded hammerlocks at a breakneck pace until Gresham was tried for a figure four that Ferrara was able to escape before being caught in an ankle lock. Gresham did finally transition into the figure four, but Ferrara was able to reverse and apply pressure himself. Afer they broke the hold the two got more aggressive and exchanged forearms before Ferrar took control and hit Gresham with repeated knees, covering him for a two count. Gresham was able to use his speed to position Ferrara in an ankle lock that he transitioned into a bridging German suplex. Ferrara barely kicked out, but fell victim to a dragon whip that Gresham followed up with a high cross body block. Ferra used his speed to catch Gresham and tossed him over his head, but only scored a two count. Gresham then went to work on Ferrara’s knees, jumping on them and then driving the knee into the mat until Ferrara tapped out. Really great opener. Gresham has proven time and again that he belongs in ROH. What was particularly refreshing was Ferrara’s work here, as he really showed off his technical chops. Ferrara chose not to adhere to the code of honor at the end, so he may be showing that mean streak he had before he started teaming with Cheeseburger on the regular.

Winner: Jonathan Gresham

The Tempura Boyz vs. The Addiction
Before the match, Christopher Daniels cut a promo about winning the Decade of Excellence and how he will be challenging for the ROH World title at the 15th Anniversary show. He spoke about how Fish could win the belt at mayhem but continue by saying that he would love the opportunity to kick Adam Cole’s derriere. He went for a cheap pop by referencing the San Antonio Spurs but became serious, proclaiming he would return to San Antonio a champion. Daniels and Yo started the match off, with Yo gaining a quick advantage, but quickly falling victim to a side headlock and then a drop toe hold that found him right back in the move. Daniels and Yo exchanged forearms with Yo winning the exchange after a kick to the mid-section and following it with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker that he botched, dangerously dropping Daniels down.

Sho tagged in and then two took Daniels down with double team moves. Sho laced Daniels with forearms to the face but Daniels countered with a heel to the face, ramming Sho into Kazarian’s boot before tagging out. Daniels and Kazarian showed the Tempura Boyz that they too are capable of double team moves before Kazarian followed with an impressive springboard flipping senton. Daniels tagged in and then hit a springboard moonsault before quickly tagging out. Kazarian and Daniels quickly tagged in and out, keeping Sho in the corner until Daniels slipped outside and Sho hit a lung breaker before tagging out. The Tempura Boyz kept Daniels in their corner as they worked him over before he telegraphed a backdrop and hit an STO before finally making the hot tag. Kazarian took both men on, punctuating it with a backcracker on Sho, followed by a sligshot DDT off the apron. Yo broke up the pin attempt, but was quickly rolled up in an schoolboy. As Sho tried to break it up Kazarian was able to catch him in a Northern Lights suplex, pinning both men for a two count. Daniels finally re-entered the match and as Kazarian set up for celebrity rehab, Adam Cole ran down to the ring and distracted Daniels, who chased him outside. In the ensuing confusion Yo was able to pin Kazarian with a small package, picking up the upset victory. Kazarian and Daniels argued after the match, with kazarian clearly frustrated that Daniels’ head was not in the game. The two hugged before heading to the back.

Winners: The Tempura Boyz

The Kingdom (Matt Taven, TK O’Ryan & Vinny Marseglia) defeated Jax Dane & War Machine (Hanson & Ray Rowe)
As War Machine and Dane posed in the ring, the Kingdom slinked in behind them and ambushed them from behind under a canopy of streamers. With War Machine out of the ring, the Kingdom tossed a jacket on Dane and went to town on him. The three posed and soaked in the jeers, but unbeknownst to them, Dane was back on his feet and he floored O’Ryan and Marseglia with clotheslines. Dane turned to Taven who stepped into the ring and he quickly dropped Taven with a Samoan drop. As Dane set up to pounce on Taven, the leader of the Kingdom rolled to the outside as to regroup with his team. War Machine and Dane didn’t give them a chance to finish their powwow, heading outside and beating Taven, Marseglia and O’Ryan around the ring, tossing them into barricades and then even having Hanson slam Rowe on Taven and O’Ryan. A bit of a scary spot as Taven was tossed into the barricade and flipped the barricade, seemingly unexpectedly.

The action did end up in the ring and after Rowe caught Taven with shotgun kees to the chest, but O’Ryan and Marseglia grabbed chairs, but Rowe prevented them both from using the implements. He could not however prevent Taven from kicking the middle rope behind Todd Sinclairs back, using the rope as a proxy to connect with a low blow. O’Ryan and Marseglia double-teamed Rowe and the Kingdom look confident yet again. After posing, the three worked Rowe over and kept him on their side of the ring until he fought of the corner and foiled a double team attempt, using O’Ryan for air time and eventually catching Marseglia with a Superman punch. Rowe finally tagged out to Hanson who made short work of Marseglia and then dominated the match alone, hitting forever clothesline on the Kingdom and squishing Taven into the corner with a bronco buster.Hanson tired himself out and tagged Dane in, who cleared the ring, beginning a stretch where everyone got in some offense. Dane eventually hoisted both Taven and O’Ryan up for a fireman’s carry but he instead spun them around and hit his 300 spear.

Marseglia posed like a T-Rex but that did not stop Dane from slamming and covering him for a two count. Rowe and O’Ryan tagged in, poking Rowe in the eye. Hanson joined and War Machine hit a pop up powerslam, but the Kingdom gained control, getting a two count after a Marseglia senton bomb from the top rope. The action spilled outside, with O’Ryan hitting an Asai moonsault to the outside, posing with his cronies. Again, they were caught, this time by Hanson with a tope suicida. Taven went to fly himself, but Dane tossed him over onto the crow with an exploder. Marseglia talked trashed in the ring and Rowe tossed him with a German suplex. However Marseglia was able to get the pin after O’Ryan cracked Rowe over the head with Taven’s walking stick behind Sinclair’s back. Dane and War Machine had words before he left the ring, blaming Rowe for the loss.

Winners: The Kingdom

Triple Threat Match
Dalton Castle defeated Jay Lethal & Bobby Fish

Immediately after the bell sounded Fish went to work on both men, kicking Lethal into the corner and then whipping Castle in. Lethal back body dropped the runaway Castle over the top rope to the outside, attempting to do the same to Fish, who caught himself on the apron and fly to the outside, taking Castle out. Fish slid back in and took Lethal down with a series of kicks and went for a quick pinfall. Lethal kicked out easily, but Fish stayed in control, locking in an early knee bar that was broken up by Castle. Lethal went for an early Lethal Injection but was rewarded by a deadlift German suplex by Castle, who almost became ensnared in Fish’s kneebar. Castle then faked a suicide dive, but struck his peacock pose instead, allowing Lethal to take him out and pose before kicking Castle out of the ring. Lethal then hit six consecutive suicide dives, three on castle and three on Fish to a roar of approval from the crowd.

Once the three were back in the ring, all three men took each other out, leaving Paul Turner no choice but to start to count as they laid flat on the mat. Fish rolled to the outside as Castle and Lethal exchanged stiff rights until Lethal hit the Lethal combination and scaled the ropes for a Hail to the King attempt, only to be kicked down by Fish. Fish launched Castle into Lethal with an exploder and then hit a super Falcon arrow from the top, transitioning for a pinfall into a kneebar. Lethal was able to escape, but Castle leapt off the top rope and hoisted Lethal up for a Bang-A-Rang. He swung Lethal into Fish, depositing him on the outside and slamming Lethal down to the mat, picking up the pinfall victory. Despite adhering to the code of honor, Fish was clearly frustrated and let it be known to Lethal, as the two came to blows and had to pulled apart as Castle slithered out of the ring and grabbed a mic. Castl cut a promo afterwards, asserting that he is on a rocketship on the way to the moon and no one will stop him from winning the title. Fun triple threat match with the aggression at the end adding a bit of intrigue going forward.

Winner: Dalton Castle

BJ Whitmer came down to the ring and started speaking about how he has accomplished many of the goals that he set, yet he still gets booed. Suddenly The Romantic Touch’s music hit and he came down to the ring. He reminded everyone that his favorite holiday, Valentine’s Day is close. He went on to tell Whitmer that he is not surrounded by love, but evil. He offered Whitmer roses as a sign of love, but Whitmer answered by striking him down to the mat. Touch was able to recover and score with a monkey flip. Touch continued to irritate Whitmer by engaging in dance moves, only angering his opponent. Whitmer beat Touch with the flowers and then stopped them, seemingly upsetting Touch enough to motivate him. Despite a brief flurry of offense, Whitmer won the match via pinfall after an exploder suplex. This was a throwaway match and while it was fun to see Romantic Touch, this came out of nowhere and the end was never really in question.

Winner: BJ Whitmer

The Briscoes vs & Shane Taylor & Keith Lee
The four eschewed the code of honor as they have had a contentious history. Lee started off against Jay, with Lee overpowering Jay and tossing him to the corner. Jay slipped behind him and caught him a waist lock before delivering a number of right before charging at Lee. Lee impressively lifted both Briscoe onto his back in a fireman’s carry position, but was unable to capitalize. Mark dove toward Taylor and took him to the outside as Jay worked Lee over in the corner. Jay and Mark made quick tags, keeping Lee in their corner, preventing him from tagging out. Lee was finally able to toss Mark over his head with a belly to belly before knocking Jay off the apron and tagging out to a fresh Shane Taylor. Taylor flattened Mark before tagging out. After Lee connected with a few right, mark was able to toss Lee into the corner with an exploder suplex, allowing him to tag out.

Jay and Taylor entered simultaneously, with Jay gaining the advantage with consecutive boots to the face that sent Taylor to the outside. Jay connected with a suicide dive on Taylor before Lee tossed him into the guardrail, only to have Mark catch him with a blockbuster to the arena floor. Jay tossed a chair inside that Sinclair quickly tossed out, but Jay was still able to swing the chair at Taylor who punched it into Jay’s face. Taylor dropped Mark onto Jay and went for a quick cover, only getting a two count. Jay narrowly avoided getting flattened by a Taylor splash from the second rope and teetered the larger man with rights and lefts, but was struck with a chair as he bounded off the ropes. Sinclair seemed not to see the chair shot, but Mark flew off the top rope and took both his opponents to the arena floor with a high cross body block. Taylor and Jay both grabbed chair and went back into the ring and as Sinclair tried to talk sense into them, they both shoved him to floor, earning themselves both a disqualification. PBK used the chairs to lay the Briscoes out and then Lee set a table up on the outside. On the inside Jay and Mark combined to hit a spike Jay Driller on Taylor before turning their attention to Lee, gaining a measure of revenge as Mark hit a froggy-bow on Lee through a table before they posed and left.

Winners: Double Disqualification

Cody vs. Donovan Dijak
The two messed with each other to start the contest, trading “gun shots” instead of adhering to the code of honor. Cody feigned a test of strength challenge, cartwheeling away and smirking. When the finally locked up Dijak worked a side headlock, with Cody escaping with a hammerlock before locking in his own side head lock and then sending Dijak to the floor with a shoulderblock. Cody hoisted Dijak up in a stalling suplex before dropping him on his face. Dijak was able to over power Cody, hitting a corkscrew senton and a splash from the second rope, but only got a two count. Cody continued the display of strength with a power slam, but was caught as he leapt from the second rope. Dijak sent him over his head with a belly to belly, but Cody tossed him into the turnbuckle, seemingly injuring the neck. Cody ripped the mats off the arena floor before connecting with a neckbreaker that went for a near fall.

Cody locked on a figure four in the middle of the ring, but the lanky star was able to reach the ropes. Cody then smacked Ian Riccaboni about the head, knocking the headset off Ian’s head. Silas mocked him and pointed out that Cody didn’t attack him. Cody was apparently asking about the whereabouts of Tod SInclair. Riccaboni gathered his thoughts, fired up about Cody’s disrespect. Back inside Dijak unleashed a bit of offense, tossing Cody around the ring with a modified fall away slam. Dijak and Cody traded finisher attempts, with both being blocked before Dijak hit a chokebreaker and a moonsault. Cody got his knees up just in time and the two worked to the outside, with Dijak catching Cody midair with a choke, slamming him over the barricade into the audience. Back inside Turner checked on Cody who pushed him away, hitting Dijak with a low blow before a Cross Rhodes for the pinfall victory. Not content to win, Cody grabbed a pair of chairs and sat Dijak down before cracking him across the head with a brutal looking chairshot to the head. The match here was average, but Riccaboni and Young’s work here was excellent, with Riccaboni’s frustration coming off as very palpable and Young’s persona shining through as he laughed at his partner’s expense.

Main Event: Adam Cole,Adam Page & The Young Bucks vs Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley, Jay White & Lio Rush

Cody grabbed a mic and put over his Bullet Club brethren before they sauntered down to the ring, continuing to play his heel persona well in ROH. Cole teased the crowd by offering his shirt, only to toss it to Matt Jackson, who sold being elated that he got the shirt. Cody refused to leave the ring and eventually pushed Todd Sinclair, earning himself an ejection. White and Nick started the match off, with White knocking Nick to the ground with a thunderous shoulderblock. Nick told White to suck it and Silas hilariously responded that White should have punched him in the balls. Rush came in next and avoided a super kick followed by a charging Nick, depositing him on the outside. As he bounded for a tope suicida, Matt stopped him and offered a Too Sweet, only to eye gouge him. Rush was able to best the brothers Jackson, setting them up for a suicide dive. Cole stopped him and hit his Adam Cole Bay-Bay from the apron, only to receive a kick from an unimpressed Rush. Rush’s third attempt to fly was met with a shoulderblock from Page, sending him crashing to the outside.

Sabin and Shelley entered the match and displayed their tag team tactics, sending Page to the outside before flying off the apron, taking the Bullet Club out after White flew from the tope to the entire crowd with a flipping senton. Back inside all four faces combined for an odd centipede move in the corner to Nick and Page. The four tagged in and out, keeping Nick on their side of the ring until het tagged Matt in and they cleared the ring, setting up for a quadruple Rose of the Terminators, with Matt punctuating it with a tope con giro. In the ring, The Young Bucks had SHelley alone, but he grabbed their nether regions, eventually biting Cole’s privates as well, only release his grasp when Page struck him from behind. Things broke down here after a while, with all eight men going out and hitting their respective moves. The end saw Page hoist White for an Indy Taker and Rush for a Rite of Passage, with the Bucks leaping of the turnbuckles to punctuate the moves. Matt pinned Rush for the decisive win.

Winners: The Bullet Club

Final Thoughts: B

Undisputed Legacy was a solid show from start the finish. The commentary team of Riccaboni and Young and strong first showing and really had some goo chemistry throughout the night, most notably during the Cody/Dijak match. Cody’s heel persona is truly dastardly and as a pure heel, he might be the most effective in the role in terms of the Bullet Club as a whole. The Romantic Touch. Whitmer match felt as if it came out of nowhere and even the commentary seemed to suffer as a result. For a show that was missing the ROH Television champion and did not feature a defense from either Cole or Scurll, this a good show, but nothing particularly special. I’ve never been a proponent of eight man tags, and although this was well done, it doesn’t have the same impact as a championship main event.