ROH Best in the World 2011 Results

ROH WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP: Davey Richards defeated Eddie Edwards

Eddie Edwards shocked the world back at ‘Manhattan Mayhem IV’ when he captured the ROH World Championship from Roderick Strong. Since then, Davey Richards has been training hard and has been put in situations where he has had to save his American Wolves partner from the numbers game. Eddie was sick of the help and demanded this match – Davey’s last shot at the ROH World Title. Both men gave it absolutely everything they had and Edwards started to dominate and hit a 2K1 Bomb on the apron followed by a double stomp through a ringside table! Both men exchanged strikes and holds including ankle locks from both Wolves. Edwards fought valiantly but couldn’t overcome Richards who finished the match with a flurry of kicks followed by a running kick to the face of Edwards to become NEW ROH WORLD CHAMPION!

After the match, the pair embraced and Eddie lifted the new champion’s hand and put the belt around his waist signifying the passing of the moniker ‘Best In The World’.

ROH WORLD TAG TEAM: Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team defeated The Briscoes, The All Night Express & The Kings of Wrestling

Cody B Ware introduced The Kings with a live version of their entrance theme. Two guys start in the ring and normal tag rules apply, this is an elimination match-up. The match eventually got out of control and Chris Hero took out all the other competitors on the floor with a moonsault to the outside. It was the six-time former champs that were eliminated first after a backbreaker/diving knee combo move on Jay Briscoe. Thanks to interference from Shane Hagadorn, Chris Hero grabbed the lucky elbow pad and hit Rhett Titus with it to eliminate the All Night Express. The Kings almost regained their gold after the giant swing/dropkick combo but Hero then walked straight into a double team spinebuster as Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team retained their titles. After the match, The Briscoes attacked both Haas & Benjamin with steel chairs until ANX chased them off.

ROH WORLD TV TITLE MATCH: El Generico defeated Christopher Daniels

El Generico kicked off the show after the intermission trying to win his first singles title in ROH. He already had a non-title match victory over Christopher Daniels but this time the title was on the line as the two men battled it out to see who would be the face of the TV title heading into ROH’s new era. Daniels dominated much of the early goings but Generico proved what a durable wrestler he is by constantly fighting back. Generico thought he had won the title after a Yakuza kick and brainbuster combination but he got a very near fall. Daniels then thought he had won and even put the belt around his own waist but Generico broke the count. Generico fought back again and hit the Yakuza kick and this time the top rope Brainbuster to get the win and become new champion!

Michael Elgin w/Truth Martini defeated Steve Corino w/Jimmy Jacobs

Steve Corino has been on the road to recovery for a while now and revealed Jimmy Jacobs as his sponsor. He tried to get Kevin Steen allowed back in ROH but his please fell on deaf ears. He took on Michael Elgin of the House of Truth, a group he has fought against for a while. Steen was in the building and tried to get to the ring from the crowd but was blocked by security. Corino resorted to the ‘thumb in the bum’ but then got powerslammed on the outside. Corino came close to getting the win but Elgin proved his strength with two powerbombs followed by a spinning sit-out powerbomb that gave him the win. After the match, the beat down continued until Kevin Steen hit the ring to make the save. Steen then turned on Jacobs and Corino, said “F*** Ring of Honor!”, and hit the package piledriver on Corino before being escorted from the building.

Homicide defeated Rhino w/prince Nana

Rhino was making his ROH debut after being revealed as the bodyguard of The Embassy. Following a couple of defeats to Tommaso Ciampa, Homicide was announced to be going up against Rhino in this street fight. Homicide went through a ringside table early on and then the pair took it in turns to be slammed onto a ladder. Rhino almost got the win after a nasty piledriver and then he kicked out just before three following an Ace Crusher. Rhino went for a gore through a table but Homicide reversed it into a sunset flip for the win. After the match, Homicide attacked Prince Nana and then got gored through a table.

Jay Lethal defeated Mike Bennett w/Bob Evans

Jay Lethal was making his first appearance in ROH in five years, he took on the ‘2011 Top Prospect’ Mike Bennett. Bennett described this as a match between two ‘world class’ sports entertainers. Despite interference from ‘Brutal’ Bob Evans, Lethal put on a great performance in his first match back and got the win after a big top rope elbow, paying homage to ‘The Macho Man’ Randy Savage.

Tommaso Ciampa w/Prince Nana & Ernesto Osiris defeated Colt Cabana

Ciampa has been impressive since his debut in Ring of Honor and has been very successful on behalf of Prince Nana’s Embassy and came into this match undefeated. Cabana and Nana haven’t seen eye-to-eye and the leader of The Embassy has tried to drive Cabana out of Ring of Honor numerous times before. Ciampa escaped the Billy Goat’s Curse and hit the powerbomb/backbreaker for the victory.

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