ROH World Championship Defended at WCPW Bulletproof

ROH World Championship Defended at WCPW Bulletproof

In what was at first a ROH World Title match between Adam Cole and Zack Sabre Jr got turned into a three way with the new ROH World Champion Christopher Daniels. Here is a detailed result thanks to

Cole tries to back out of the match, then Blampied comes out and says that he has a surprise as Christopher Daniels shows up and it becomes a triple threat match for the ROH title.

ZSJ and Daniels beat on Cole, ZSJ taking a face role even if he is in Suzuki-gun now. Adam is sent out of the ring, then ZSJ takes Daniels down, the two doing a lot of grappling, then they do more grappling before ZSJ tries several submissions, but Daniels gets out of it. They knock Adam off of the apron, then Sabre rolls through for a quick two count as Cole comes in and takes them both out. Cole sends ZSJ out of the ring, then Cole plays to the crowd before Daniels dropkicks him and hits a scoop slam, then slams ZSJ onto Cole. Daniels makes Cole leg drop ZSJ, then ZSJ hits Daniels with a dragon screw leg whip, following up by twisting the ankle of Daniels and bending his foot before putting Cole in an octopus stretch at the same time.

Cole gets out, then ZSJ gets a near fall off of a bridge, still holding Daniels in the submission. Cole sends ZSJ to the floor, then stomps on Daniels before Cole superkicks ZSJ and Daniels, sending them out of the ring. Cole whips ZSJ across the ring, then hits a running forearm in the corner. Daniels puts Cole in an abdominal stretch, then takes Cole down before trying to superplex Daniels, doing joint manipulation before they hit a tower of doom. ZSJ and Cole exchange running strikes before Daniels drops them both repeatedly with clotheslines, then hits Cole with an STO and ZSJ with a blue thunder bomb. Daniels uses Cole as a weapon and takes out ZSJ, then hits a Death Valley driver for a near fall.

Sabre puts Daniels in an octopus stretch, then Cole sends Daniels out of the ring, hitting ZSJ with a series of shining wizard’s for a near fall. Sabre gets a near fall off of a bridging pin, then ZSJ puts Cole in a kneebar before Daniels breaks it up with a springboard moonsault. Daniels teases the Angel’s Wings, but ZSJ counters with an octopus stretch, Daniels quickly getting to the ropes for the break. Daniels hits a uranage, then goes for The Best Moonsault Ever, but ZSJ catches him in a triangle choke, but Daniels powers out of it, Cole superkicking Daniels repeatedly. Cole goes for a Canadian Destroyer, but Zack hits a PK on Cole, then Daniels hits ZSJ with Angels Wings, pinning Adam Cole for the win.

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