ROH World Q&A #2

Hello and welcome to your second instalment of the ROH World Q&A. If you didn’t see #1 then please click here. This is where ROH World Co-Owner Steven and Boston based ROH fan Macklin answer questions submitted to us by our Twitter followers (@ROH_World). Anyway, enough of that, onto the questions:

What are your thoughts on Jimmy Jacobs’ return as Steve Corino’s sponsor?

Macklin: Love it. Jacobs was as evil if not more evil between 2007-2009 then Corino was in 2010. I would like to see Steen return and try to pull Corino back to the dark side and have Jacobs keep him on the straight and narrow. It would be interesting to me to see how that would play out. Maybe have Steen bring in someone who was previously good and mentor him into being evil, kinda a reverse role as Jacobs is playing to Corino. Think it would lead to some interesting tag team and singles matches. But I like what ROH is doing with Steve, having him come out and help Cabana and Generico, having him be the outcast in the locker room. Should be interesting to see where they take this. It really intrigues me.

Steven: He wasn’t one of my first picks as Corino’s sponsor but that’s because I just didn’t think he was available. I’ve always been a fan of Jimmy and I’m very glad that he’s back in ROH. In terms of the storyline, he fits in perfectly. As he keeps saying, he’s probably one of the most ‘evil’ people on Ring of Honor history so it definitely works. I love how Corino has had such a big role to play in the last 18 months or so, he really helped Steen in his feud with Generico and he’s a great guy to have around. Personally, I think Jacobs will betray Corino, I prefer Jimmy so much more as a heel, this could open the way for Steen to come back and ‘save’ Corino too. Whichever way they take it; they have the foundations of a really good angle here.

Book the ‘Best In The World’ main event. Who wins and what happens?

Macklin: Davey loses. Davey snaps and it sets off an epic 6 month feud between the Wolves. Davey said that if he lost he wouldn’t challenge for the title any more but I would love to see Davey and Eddie feud with each other, maybe like promos but no actual matches till say maybe, September, then have a non title match, put Davey over. Davey then would stake his claim, like a true heel, that he said he wouldn’t go for the title but (and I see him saying sarcastically) “I do hold a non title victory over the Champion” and getting a shot at “Final Battle 2011”. As far as the match is concerned, I’d love to see a Ladder War III. I think Davey and Eddie have the skills to pull of the 1st singles Ladder War. I would have Davey win, but in close fashion or maybe in controversy, leading to one final showdown at the “10th Anniversary show.”

Steven:Pretty much the same as Macklin, I think that Davey will lose and then snap afterwards and lay Eddie out. I just can’t see them having Eddie lose the belt so soon after winning it, it would really undermine him in my opinion. If Davey loses, he either has to be screwed some way or it’ll be a time limit draw which I doubt they’ll go for considering they’re hyping this as ‘the match everybody wants to see.” What happens after NYC is anybody’s guess. I hope they keep the belt on Eddie a bit longer and I would even consider having someone else be champ after Eddie instead of Davey. Increasing the interest in Davey being World Champ would be a clever thing to do as long as they don’t pull a Tyler Black and keep the belt off him for way too long.

Who do you think will end the year as ROH World Champion?

Macklin: Like I said above, Davey Richards. But as we found out at “Manhattan Mayhem IV”, anything can happen in ROH. (Yes, I blatantly ripped off the WWE’s tag line) Someone could come out of the woodwork and take the title from Edwards. One person that comes to mind is Chris Hero. Hero could be an epic World Champion, but if that happened, then my whole prediction up top would go to shit, but it’s defiantly a possibility.

Steven:This is a tough one. My head is telling me that Davey will be champion before September as he’s the man that ROH really sees as being their ‘poster boy’ so to speak. If he does win the title before then, he’ll have a long title reign that will surpass the beginning of 2012 quite comfortably. We could easily see another guy beat Eddie for the belt though. People like Chris Hero, Claudio Castagnoli or maybe even somebody like Kenny King could realistically get a shot. If I had to put my neck on the line, I’d say Davey.

Do you think ROH will continue to release all shows on DVD following the sale to Sinclair Broadcast Group?

Macklin: God, I hope so. I’d have nothing to watch on my boring nights at work. I think they will keep putting out DVD’s. It’s a good source of income and with the new TV show airing, they have some more “Best Of’s” to put out, similar to the ROH on HDNet discs that are currently on their site. ROH DVD’s are mine, as well as other peoples escape from the monotony WWE and Impact! has been giving us lately. Also, no other place has sales on DVD’s as much as ROH does, which proves that they care and want their fans to see there wrestling and don’t charge $49.99 a PPV. I think Sinclair will do the right thing and keep business as usual in the DVD department.

Steven:I’d like to think so, yes. Up until now, ROH as a company has more or less solely survived on the sale of DVDs so to not produce them any longer would be a bit silly in my opinion. If ROH start doing a lot more shows and I mean 20-30 more per year which seems extremely unlikely, they might have to look at reviewing the situation. As it stands, there’s no reason for ROH to not produce the DVDs as it’s obviously a very big slice of their revenue. For fans who don’t/can’t go to shows and especially international fans, DVDs are the main way they keep up with the product and if this stopped, it would be extremely sad.

What, if any, do you think will be the biggest change in the product once ROH returns to television?

Macklin: I would like to see the TV title defended more. I’d like to see, once in a while, the World Title defended similar to some of the Four Corner Survival matches that were included on the few first HDNet DVD’s. Although I didn’t get HDNet where I lived, I liked what I saw. I think minor changes are needed but nothing too big. The TV show lasted almost 2 years, that was way longer then anyone thought it would last. Whatever happens, I just hope I get to continue to watch great ROH action, whether on iPPV or whatever channel Sinclair throws the TV show on cause Ring of Honor is a big part of my life. It brings me enjoyment everyday. I wish the company nothing but the best of luck in the future.

Steven:If I’m being honest, I hope there aren’t any changes. That may be a bit optimistic but I honestly think that if ROH differs too much from the ROH product we all know and love, it will do more harm than good. I wasn’t a massive fan of the HDNet show, international fans had no way of seeing the show at all after ROH stopped the upload of the shows to Youtube which was very disappointing. The main problem with the show was that it was taped so far in advance that it was hard to get the shows in sync with current storylines. Even though it wasn’t a great reflection of the ROH product, it was still by far the best wrestling show on TV which tells you something. Yes, they may give the guys more mic time to put the characters over to the new markets but I really hope no drastic changes are made.

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