ROHWorld Weekend Roundup (09/07/12)

Tommaso Ciampa Probably Out for Close to Year

Following last week’s announcement that Tommaso Ciampa’s knee injury from Boiling Point back in August was more serious than first thought, Ciampa posted some more details on his Facebook page Friday morning.

“The days following the show I was surprised how good I felt and I decided to delay getting an MRI,” Ciampa said. “Over the next couple weeks the swelling went down but my stability did not return.”

Ciampa said he eventually went in for the MRI, and the results were far from favorable. Ciampa sought a second opinion from an orthopedic surgeon.

“Today I went to the specialist and unfortunately my knee will require surgery,” Ciampa said. “I completely tore my ACL, tore my meniscus, and bruised my bone. I will require an ACL reconstruction and while the doctor is fixing it he will also repair my meniscus.”

Ciampa said his suggested recovery time after surgery was one year, a very long time to be on the sideline in pro wrestling.

“I am not sure where this leaves me with ROH or professional wrestling for that matter,” Ciampa continued. “I honestly do not have much of a game plan at the moment.”

The loss of Ciampa is a big one for Ring of Honor right now, especially with the lack of depth in the main event picture. One could argue that Ciampa’s elevation to that main event level could help to combat that depth and add a new face to a now familiar rotation of top-card players.

It’s unclear what Ring of Honor’s plans for Ciampa were and how much of an impact he was to have in the company over the next year, but some ideas are going to have to be shuffled around to account for Ciampa’s year-long absence.

Of course, this 12-month time table is an estimate, and many wrestlers return to action before their recommended recovery period has expired. Fans could potentially see Ciampa back in the ring in 10 months or less depending on how confident he feels in his ability to come back and perform, and how badly ROH wants Ciampa back in the mix.

Caged Hostility This Weekend

A crazy September schedule for Ring of Honor kicks off tomorrow with Caged Hostility from the Metrolina Trade Expo in Charlotte, NC.

It’s being teased on the ROH official web site that the challenger for the world title match for the 10/6 show in Rahway, NJ will be named at this show, and a former world champion will make a surprise appearance.
Read’s full preview of the Caged Hostility card here.

New Match Set for Death Before Dishonor X

The already stacked card for the 9/15 internet pay-per-view broadcast of Death Before Dishonor X received yet another addition this week, as Roderick Strong and Michael Elgin begrudgingly reunite to take on the returning duo of Jake and Dave Crist, Irish Airborne.

The idea is to tease more tension between Strong and Elgin leading into Elgin’s 10/13 world championship match at Glory by Honor XI in Mississauga, ON.

The Irish Airborne duo has a history in Ring of Honor, at one point challenging Austin Aries and Roderick Strong for the tag team titles.

Expect a full preview for this show next week on

Survival of the Fittest Matches Coming Together

Ring of Honor announced that this year a computer will be putting together the qualifying matches for Survival of the Fittest on 9/22 in Baltimore, MD.

So far, the anonymous general manager–the mysterious computer program–has announced two matches: Homicide vs. Roderick strong and Kyle O’Reilly vs. Mike Mondo.

Expect a comprehensive preview of this year’s tournament, as well as an in-depth look at the tournament’s past in the coming weeks.

Ring of Honor Card Game Update

The Ring of Honor trading card game is scheduled for release in late November by Filsinger Games.

“Ring of Honor is the largest wrestling federation that Filsinger Games has worked with and it’s an honor to produce a game with them,” Filsinger Games founder Tom Filsinger told “Our vision is to create a game that allows fans to play an exciting Ring of Honor fed with themselves in charge as the main booker.”

Filsinger has already produced several wrestling-based trading card games for Chikara Pro, NWA Hollywood, and Legends of Wrestling. Filsinger has also released a futuristic sci-fi wrestling game entitled Champions of the Galaxy.

“Every card is written with total realism in mind,” Filsinger said. “What’s cool is Ring of Honor fans will be able to play the exciting feuds that already exist but also to create their own storylines and angles. It’s very addicting!” is excited for this project’s release, and we’re hopeful to work more with Filsinger Games in the future. Stay tuned to for details.

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