ROHWorld Weekend Roundup (7/13/12)

ROH Tag Title Tournament Kicks Off

Ring of Honor announced on Tuesday plans to remedy the tag title situation by vacating the championships and holding an eight-team tournament with the first round taking place at the next set of television tapings on August 3 in Baltimore.

Only two teams have been announced for the tournament thus far: the Briscoes and the Young Bucks, the latter of whom will be making their return to Ring of Honor after a lengthy and conspicuous absence.  Ring of Honor promised to announce more teams as the date of the tournament approaches.

This tournament could potentially set off a couple of red flags in the company, particularly the lack of depth in the tag team division of late.  With a thinning field of talent, one would expect to see a couple makeshift teams thrown together for the tournament’s sake, or a few outside teams brought in to add some diversity to the playing field.

A second variable in the tournament situation is Rhett Titus, who has really been a victim of circumstance after his partner was essentially blackballed by Ring of Honor for appearing on Impact last week.  Titus was stripped of the tag titles which led to the announcement of the tournament in the first place.  Either Titus can choose a new partner and vie for the titles in the tournament, or he can mark “tag team champion” off his list and move on to singles competition.  If Titus were to embark on the latter route, though, it’s hard to imagine a Ring of Honor where he wouldn’t be immediately lost in the shuffle and earmarked as a strictly midcard player.

Fellow contributor Dave offered an intriguing alternative to Titus’s character.  Check it out here.

Milwaukee Preview

His contention for the tag team titles might be unknown, but Rhett Titus is being promoted in singles action for tomorrow’s show in Milwaukee, Wi.  Check out a full preview here.

Austin Aries DVD

“A-Double” Austin Aries is the latest Ring of honor alumnus to make a big splash in another wrestling promotion.  In a sound strategy to educate newer fans on Ring of Honor’s rich pro wrestling history, the company has released a two-disc set of Aries’s matches entitled “Evolution of A-Double.”  It’s available here.

Ring of Honor’s decision to release a positive portrayal of Aries might come as a surprise after Aries has more than once gone on record with his less than positive thoughts on ROH’s current direction.  But Aries’s contribution to the ROH product does provide hours of solid content, so the pros outweigh the cons in this case.

Death Before Dishonor X Card Taking Shape

Ring of Honor released a list of wrestlers slated to appear at its next internet pay-per-view, Death Before Dishonor X in Chicago, Il on September 15.  Currently the list looks like this:
*Kevin Steen
*Adam Cole
*The Briscoes
*Roderick Strong
*Michael Elgin
*Truth Martini
*Jay Lethal
*Steve Corino
*Jimmy Jacobs
*Kyle O’Reilly

Elgin Puts Pen to Paper

Ring of Honor reported earlier this week that “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin had signed a contract extension with the company.  This move is probably in Elgin’s best interest, as he appears to be on the brink of stardom as a top babyface in ROH.

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That’s all the news for this week.  Be sure to keep an eye on for all your Ring of Honor news and notes.

Des Delgadillo

Des writes a variety of articles for ROHWorld, including a weekly round-up of the news that is published every Friday. He also makes regular appearances on ROHCast alongside other members of the ROHWorld team.

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