ROHWorld Weekend Roundup (7/20/12)

Live from Milwaukee

Ring of Honor’s only show this week took place in Milwaukee, Wi, in front of a crowd pegged at about 400-450.  Remember the usual number for Ring of Honor to break even is about 800, so even though this crowd might be substantial for a typical indy show, it’s still below what ROH should ideally be doing.

The show was reportedly a solid one, with a main event tag match that saw Mark Briscoe hit one of the crazier dives in a long time from a balcony.  Highlights of the main event are here.

For full results of the Milwaukee show, click here

Rhett Titus: A New Direction

Probably the biggest news to come out of Milwaukee this weekend is Rhett Titus’s new direction in Ring of Honor.

Titus came down to make the save following an Anything Goes main event between the Briscoes and the team of Kevin Steen and Jimmy Jacobs.  After the obligatory brawl, Titus got on the microphone and cut a promo vowing to end Steen’s title reign.

Earlier this week ROH also posted a video on their site of a backstage promo from Titus essentially guaranteeing the same things as in his in-ring promo at the Milwaukee show. Watch it here.

With the question of where ROH is going with Rhett Titus essentially answered, the new question is “How will they get there?”  A side question, too, would probably be “Is Rhett ready for the main event picture?”

ROH’s typical method of pushing stars up to the top tier usually sees them start from the bottom and work their way up, but with Titus the push might not be as gradual.

The story being told with Titus is that the rug was pulled from under him when he had to relinquish the tag team titles after finally winning them at Best in the World.  Now, instead of finding a partner and make another run at the belts, Titus is looking to start a new chapter in his Ring of Honor career.  But with a new phase of his career, does Titus also need a new look?

When a wrestler makes the transition from a tag to a singles competitor, he more often than not repackages himself in such a way that he sheds his prior tag team’s gimmick.  The jury is out on whether or not Titus should undergo such a transformation, or on how gradual said transformation should be if it does occur.

This might be a great topic to banter about on our forum.

Tag Team Title Tournament Taking Shape

Ring of honor’s upcoming eight-team tournament to crown a new set of tag team champions is set to get underway at the August 3 television tapings, and culminate at Death Before Dishonor X on September 15 in Chicago Ridge, IL.

Five teams have been announced thus far:  The Briscoes, the Young Bucks, BLK Out (a team popular on the indies, particularly Combat Zone Wrestling), the Guardians of Truth, and Coleman and Alexander (as our owners predicted).

The Young Bucks are also scheduled for Chikara Pro’s King of Trios tag tournament, which is set for the same weekend as Death Before Dishonor X.  The Bucks can either lose during the first round in Baltimore, or lose at the first night of King of Trios.  The former seems much more likely, though, as it has become tradition for every trio in the Chikara tournament to compete at all three shows regardless of their status in the tournament.  Thanks to for the information on Chikara.

Supercard of Honor VII to Take Place Wrestlemania Weekend

Ring of Honor announced late last week, just after our weekly Roundup went live, that its annual Wrestlemania spectacular would be Supercard of Honor VII from the Manhattan Center in New York City on April 5.

Wrestlemania weekend is already looking like the biggest ever in terms of available wrestling content.  WrestleCon, a wrestling extravaganza set to coincide with all the Wrestlemania festivities, will be taking place just minutes away from MetLife Stadium (formerly the New Meadowlands Stadium) in East Rutherford, NJ.  Ring of Honor, though not officially a part of the WrestleCon event, will be holding Supercard of Honor VII minutes from Penn Station, so it will be literally a short train ride away from the convention.

More on Kenny King Ring of Honor Dispute

Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer newsletter reported earlier this week that Ring of Honor made the deal for King to negotiate with other companies with the understanding that should King come to terms with a new deal, he would acquiesce to drop the tag team titles at the August 3 TV taping before starting with his new employer.  King, according to Ring of Honor’s perspective, went back on that deal when he agreed to wrestle on television for TNA Wrestling.

King obviously disagreed with the perspective presented in the Observer, as he took to Twitter yesterday afternoon with his thoughts on the way his contract dealings were presented.  “Man, whoever wrote that latest WON newsletter should stop lying, or get better sources,” King wrote.  “I feel an interview might have to be necessary.”

Caged Hostility

Ring of Honor announced earlier this week that the September 8 show from Charlotte, NC, will be headlined by a six-man tag in a steel cage.  World champion Kevin Steen, “The Zombie Princess” Jimmy Jacobs, and Steve Corino (now collectively known as S.C.U.M) will take on the Briscoes and Rhett Titus at that show.

Boiling Point 2012 in Providence

Here are the matches announced thus far for Ring of Honor’s August 11 show in Providence, RI.
* The Briscoes vs. “The Zombie Princess” Jimmy Jacobs & Steve Corino
* “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin vs. Charlie Haas in a Death Before Dishonor rematch
* Jay Lethal vs. Tommaso Ciampa in a grudge match.

All of the ROH regulars are slated to appear.

Check back with for more Providence match announcements as they happen.

Next TV Tapings

Aside from the tag team tournament set to get underway in Baltimore, Ring of Honor announced a few matches for the taping.
* Kyle O’Reilly vs. Tony Kozina
* Homicide vs. Kevin Steen for the Ring of Honor world title.

Titus TV

Click here to watch Rhett Titus give his statement on the inaugural edition of Titus TV.  *spoiler alert* It’s not the statement you were expecting, unless you’re expecting a swerve.

Click here for a persuasive column on why and how Ring of Honor should make its way back to the United Kingdom.

That’s all the news for this week.  Remember to keep checking back with for all of your Ring of Honor news, notes, and analysis, and I’ll see you back here next week for another ROHWorld Weekend Roundup.  Enjoy your weekend!

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