ROHWorld Weekend Roundup (12/07/12)

Jim Cornette’s future with Ring of Honor remains on ice after TV Tapings

Cornette reportedly blew up on several aspects of production at the show, but the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back came after Steve Corino sustained an injury that required hospitalization. Cornette angrily chastised ROH management for leaving the venue before the end of the main event, outraged that no one from management could accompany Corino in an ambulance. He also ranted about ROH’s business manager, reportedly threatening to harm him physically.

As reported last week, there’s still no time table on Cornette’s return from his sabbatical, with many believing he will never come back.

A veteran and a prodigy

Mike Bennett was announced as Jerry Lynn’s opponent for Final Battle this morning.

Lynn’s match at Final Battle will be his final match for Ring of Honor as part of his retirement tour, which many joke will last through 2019.

Plans for Mike Bennett have been at a stand-still following his trilogy with Lance Storm earlier in the year. Another match with another talented veteran might be just what Bennet needs to get the gears back in motion for 2013.

Chicago shows announced

Ring of Honor announced a return to Chicago for two big shows on March 2 and 3 2013.

The March 2 show will be the 11th Anniversary show and will air on internet pay-per-view. The following afternoon will be a television taping beginning at 2 P.M. local time.

Tickets went on sale today for everybody at 10 P.M. local time.

The company ran its first set of Sinclair television tapings from Chicago, so they have been overdue for a televised return.

National Pro Wrestling Day

Talent from Ring of Honor will be a part of National Pro Wrestling Day, a free double-header in Philadelphia, Pa., on Feb. 2 held to showcase various styles of pro wrestling.

No specific talent have been announced as of press time.

The double-header will also be available on internet pay-per-view.

For more on National Pro Wrestling Day, visit

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