Rumor: New ROH World Title Design Revealed

Last month, Kevin Steen issued a set of demands, that had to be met for him to compete at Glory by Honor XI. One of these was that a brand new ROH World Title belt would be created for him. A newswire on the ROH official website later revealed that the new championship design would be revealed at Final Battle 2012 in December.

Final Battle may still be 4 weeks away, but the brand new Filsinger ROH Card Game may have accidentally leaked the new title design a little early.

The image below can be found on the box of the new card game, set to be released on November 29th.

This would appear to be the centre plate of the brand new ROH World Championship. The design shown above is likely to be accurate as not only does it appear on the official ROH card game, but Ring of Honor’s “Social Media Coordinator” Jeff Jones posted the following image on, back in September before Death Before Dishonor X. The image appears to be a cropped version of the photo above.

What the rest of the new championship looks like remains to be seen, however we’ll find out on December 16th 2012 at Final Battle.

Harry Turner

Harry is the co-owner and web designer of ROHWorld. He founded the website back in February 2011 with Steven. Harry was the host of ROHCast from Episodes #1 - #111.