Shane Taylor Discusses Wrestling Goto, His Goals, & More

Shane Taylor, part of the Rebellion stable in ROH recently spoke with SLAM Sports. Here are some of the more interesting quotes. You can read the full interview HERE.

On his future plans in ROH after he signed in December 2016.

“It’s a dream come true to be in there with a guy like Goto. But make no mistake, as happy as I am to be in the ring with him, I didn’t just come here to Ring of Honor to just wrestle the best guys in the world. I didn’t just come here to be in a locker room and shake guys’ hands. I came here for a reason. I came here because I had goals. I came here to win…

The great thing about Ring of Honor is it is full of, like it’s not just a moniker, they really do have the best wrestling on the planet. That’s the best talent,” Taylor concluded. “So I mean, anybody that you’re in the ring with on any given night, somewhere is a dream match, whether it be with a Dalton Castle or a Jay Briscoe or a Jay Lethal or an Adam Cole or Marty Scurll, whoever you want to name, that is always going to be, there are marquee guys every single night. So as far as wanting to wrestle any certain people, I say bring them all on, man. I’m ready to wrestle everybody.”

His goals in ROH and wrestling.

“I’m very greedy when it comes to wrestling. I want everything,” Taylor said. “There’s no cap to my ceiling. I feel like the only limits that you have are those that you place on yourself. So, of course, I want the Ring of Honor six-man titles, I want the ROH World tag team titles, the World Television title, and eventually I do want to be in that long lineage of great Ring of Honor World champions.”

His thoughts on former partner Keith Lee.

“Teaming with Keith is great. We still do tag team on certain places. He’s the man. He’s able to do things as a big man that guys a third of his size wish that they could do. He’s able to make them look easy. He’s an athletic freak and the sky’s limit for him,” said Taylor. “You can just see with all the things that he’s doing now and the places that he’s going and the matches that he’s having, he’s making an impact on this business and he’s making a mark. I wish him nothing but success. But my job here in Ring of Honor, as it has always been just in my career, period, is to be a star with or without him.”