Showdown In The Sun : Day 2 Preview

Blind Destiny

“Showdown In the Sun – Day Two” offers a unique challenge to decide who is competing for the ROH World Title. It is known as Blind Destiny. The three wrestlers from the title match on the first night – Roderick Strong, Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards – will compete in three separate singles matches on Day Two. Whoever emerges victorious on Night One will defend their title on the second day in their singles match. Their opponents were determined by a series of qualifying matches on ROH TV. None of the wrestlers involved will know if they are competing for the title until after the completion of the first night.  One of the following matches will be for the ROH World Title:

ROH World TV Champion Jay Lethal vs Roderick Strong with Truth Martini

Jay Lethal earned the right to compete in this match by defeating Kenny King. Lethal recently defeated Strong in the first round of the March Mayhem tournament. Strong, however, is one of the only wrestlers to successfully earn a shot at Lethal’s ROH World TV Title through a Proving Grounds match. This should be a great match that pits Lethal’s athletic ability against Strong’s physical style. If Strong is champion, he would have the experience in championship matches being a former ROH World Champion. Lethal has had two shots at the World Title in 2012, and has come up short both times. If this match is for the title, he’s hoping that the third time is the charm.

Eddie Edwards vs Kevin Steen

Kevin Steen has been on a warpath to capture the ROH World Title since being reinstated to the company at “Final Battle 2011.” He has been taking out everyone in his path to get a title match, and his wish may finally come true at “Showdown In the Sun – Day Two” when he takes on Eddie Edwards. He defeated Adam Cole to get this chance. Edwards has to win the Triple Threat match the night before, though, for it to be a title match. Edwards has also been on a quest to regain the ROH World Title since losing it to the current champion Davey Richards at “Best In the World 2011” in June. He will have his opportunity on Night One, but his reign may last less than 24 hours when he steps into the ring with Steen. These two have faced off many times in the past with ROH World Tag Team gold on the line, and it would be great to see this match for the World Title. It’s still going to be a fantastic match regardless if it’s for the title or not. I wouldn’t be surprised to see either man win, but Steen has to have the edge. He’s been on fire since returning to the company, and I can’t see that ending here.

Current ROH World Champion Davey Richards vs Michael Elgin with Truth Martini

Michael Elgin defeated Kyle O’Reilly, much like he did at “Survival of the Fittest” last year, to earn his way into the Blind Destiny challenge. Elgin has been on a roll since late last year and has already earned a ROH World Title match by winning Survival of the Fittest, which he still has even though he may be getting a title match on Day Two. Elgin has gone toe-to-toe with Richards before in a Proving Ground match, but Richards was able to come out on top. Elgin is probably the most powerful man on the roster and will pose a great threat to the championship if Richards retains Night One. He also has Truth Martini in his corner, which cannot be overlooked. Richards, however, has the experience advantage in championship matches. This should be an interesting match as the two styles should mesh well. Richards has to have the advantage in the match, but not by much. Elgin has a bright future in Ring of Honor regardless of the results of this match.

ROH World Tag Team Championship Match
Jay and Mark Briscoe (c) vs Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team

These two teams have been at each other’s throats since the Briscoes attacked Haas and Benjamin with steel chairs at “Best In the World 2011” in June 2011. The teams have been attacking each other ever since. The two teams competed in a title match at “Final Battle 2011” in December and the match turned into a brawl that involved weapons. The Briscoes were able to emerge victorious and became seven-time ROH World Tag Team Champions. Haas and Benjamin’s demeanor has completely changed in the meantime as they have become almost psychopathic when it comes to getting their hands on the Briscoes again. They have stopped caring what the fans think of them and have been issued fine after fine for their attacks on the Briscoes. Haas and Benjamin get their rematch against Jay and Mark Briscoe at “Showdown In the Sun – Day Two.” Both teams are going to have to try to control their emotions in this match, but Haas and Benjamin have to be especially careful. Turning this match into a brawl will play right into the Briscoes strength. Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team has been unable to control their emotions thus far, so there is no reason to believe they will be able to do so Saturday. The Briscoes should be able to retain their titles in this match.

Dual Duel #2
The All Night Express vs. The Young Bucks

This whole feud began back at ‘Northern Aggression’ when the Bucks attacked ANX prior to their match against the Bravados. Rhett Titus received a chair shot to the knee that the Bucks then exploited at ‘Final Battle 2011’. In the Tag Team Conteders Cup, the Bucks won the match after Matt Jackson locked in a submission while Nick hit a 450 splash on Titus. It was too much to bear for Rhett, who had to have knee surgery to rectify the problem. ANX made their returns at the ‘10th Anniversary Show’ defeating Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team. On that same show, the Bucks lost against the Briscoes in their ROH World Tag Team title match. Now all focus turns to this weekend. Both teams demanded a match and both will get their wish. On one night we will have a Street Fight and on the other a tornado tag. Whichever one we see on Saturday night, it is sure to be an explosive contest as these two teams aim to settle their differences!

Former Partners Collide
Kyle O’Reilly vs Adam Cole

The two wrestlers have been linked together for the majority of their tenure in Ring of Honor as being members of Future Shock. They climbed the ranks together and even competed for the ROH World Tag Team Championships. A rift began to develop between the two late in early 2012 when O’Reilly began to give Davey Richards precedent over Adam Cole. O’Reilly had been upset at what he thought was Eddie Edwards’ lack of friendship toward Richards. Edwards began to take notice of Cole when Cole stepped into a No Holds Barred match with Roderick Strong at “Homecoming 2012” when Edwards was unable to compete. As Richards and O’Reilly began to tag more, Edwards offered Cole an opportunity to tag with him. Cole accepted the chance, and at the “10th Anniversary Show,” Edwards and Cole tagged together against Richards and O’Reilly. Cole picked up the biggest win of his career when he pinned the ROH World Champion to win the match for his team. Cole’s former partner wasn’t impressed, though, and told Cole after the match that he did not respect him. O’Reilly challenged Cole to a match on an episode of ROH TV, and Cole accepted.

This should be a great match between two of the best young wrestlers on the roster. Many thought that these two would become ROH World Tag Team Champions together, but it wasn’t meant to be. Still, both of these men have a bright future ahead of them. This match should feature a little bit of everything, from mat wrestling to strikes to high-flying moves. It’s going to be a fantastic match and it’s impossible to pick a winner. Both men are evenly matched here and it should be one of the better matches on the show. It’s one I’m really looking forward to.

Special Attraction: CHIKARA vs Ring of Honor
TJ Perkins vs CHIKARA’s Fire Ant

CHIKARA talent has been showing up in Ring of Honor since they stood united together around the ring as they watched Jigsaw and Hallowicked defeat The Briscoes in a Proving Ground match to earn a tag title match at “Synergy” in April. CHIKARA talent has been appearing ever since, with CHIKARA’s Grand Champion showing up at the “10th Anniversary Show.” Kingston ended up getting in a brawl when Kevin Steen made an appearance, and Fire Ant was there to dive out onto the mass of security who tried to break the brawl up. As the companies gear up towards “Synergy,” Fire Ant will take on TJ Perkins. This match could potentially steal the show. Fire Ant is a high-energy, high-flying wrestler who is so much fun to watch. TJ Perkins is known as “Technical Lightning” and is a skilled technical wrestler who has traveled the world over perfecting his craft. Their styles should mesh well and it should be a great match. This is the sleeper match of the show and could be one of the best matches of the entire night. Fire Ant and TJP are both so talented, so if this is given enough time it could steal the entire show.

“Showdown In the Sun – Day Two” takes place March 31 at 1 p.m. at the War Memorial Auditorium in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. The event airs live on iPPV on

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