Showdown In The Sun : Day 2 Results

Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to the show. They are cut off by Jimmy Jacobs. He said when he drove the spike into Steen’s head was the moment being good wasn’t mean for him. He said Steen is right sometimes evil wins. El Generico makes his way to ring with a referee!

Jimmy Jacobs defeated El Generico

Generico starts the match off fast and Jacobs flees to the outside. Generico dives over the tip with a huge plancha. Generico tries to walk the ropes, but Jacobs crotches him. Jacobs is in full control of the match. He gets a two count after a running shoulder thrust in the corner. Generico fights back with a series of clotheslines and a crossbody for a two count of his own. Blue Thunder Bomb gets another nearfall for Generico. Jacobs blocks the Yakuza and hits a suplex for a two count. Jacobs fights out of the brainbustah, but get hit with a half nelson suplex into the corner. Jacobs counters the yakuza kick into the End Time, but Generico reaches the ropes. Jacobs pulls the spike out of his boot and tries to use it, but he stabs the top turnbuckle instead. The two fight over the spike, and Generico gets control of it. He goes to use it, but misses. Jacobs rolls Generico up for the pinfall victory.

Tommaso Ciampa w/ The Embassy defeated Cedric Alexander w/ Caprice Coleman

Ciampa does not have the Television Title with him. Ciampa immediately starts taking the fight to Alexander. RD Evans joins Kelly and McGuinness on commentary. Ciampa sits Alexander in a chair on the outside and delivers a running strike to him. Alexander begins to fight back and delivers an elevated DDT variation. Alexander gets a two count after a nice facebuster. He hits a running dropkick into the corner, and Ciampa escapes to the outside. Alexander hits an overhead suplex into the barricades onto Ciampa! He gets pins Ciampa, but it only gets a two count. Ciampa gets Alexander onto the apron, and drives him into the turnbuckle. Ciampa runs along the apron and blasts him with a series of knees into the ring post. That was enough to get the three count and remain undefeated.

After the match, Ciampa hits the Project Ciampa on Coleman.

TJ Perkins defeated Fire Ant

There is a feeling out process to start, and it results in a series of stalemates. Fire Ant gets ted into the Tree of Woe, but Fire Ant escapes with a headscissors takedown. A suplex gets a one count for TJP. Perkins gets sent to the outside and gets hit with a suicide dive. Fire Ant gets back into the ring and hits a huge dive over the top rope. Fire Ant throws JP back into the ring a climbs to the top, but is met with a dropkick when he jumps off. Fire Ant reverses a powerbomb attempt into an ace crusher, and then hits a seated tilt-a-whirl DDT for a two count. Detonation Kick gets a two count for Perkins.  A 450 Splash is finally enough for Perkins to get the victory.

Kyle O’Reilly defeated Adam Cole

Apparently O’Reilly defeated Cole after Cole went for a crossbody and O’Reilly reversed it into a roll-up and grabbed the tights. I wouldn’t know. The stream has been dead.

Street Fight
The Young Bucks defeated All Night Express

The All Night Express immediately take the fight to the Bucks. King places a trashcan on Nick Jackson’s head and he and Titus connect with a series of kicks. The put another trash can on Matt Jackson and repeatedly hit him with broomsticks. Titus and King beat the Bucks around the ringside area. The stream died again. The Young Bucks somehow won.

Mike Bennett and Maria cut a promo and make out.

World Tag Team Title Match
The Briscoes defeated Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team

Mark and Haas start the match off, but Haas immediately goes to the outside. The match spills to the outside as the Briscoes take the fight to them. Haas and Benjamin work over the knee of Jay Briscoe. Jay begins to fight back, but Haas stops him before he can get any momentum. Benjamin ties Jay in the Tree of Woe and chokes him. Jay finally makes the tag and Mark comes in and cleans house with redneck kung fu. Iconoclasm gets two for Mark Briscoe on Benjamin. Mark gets sent to the apron and Benjamin whips him arm-first into the ringpost. Back in the ring, Haas and Benjamin continue to work over Mark Briscoe. Mark reverses a top rope back suplex into a crossbody, which gives him the opportunity to tag his older brother in. Jay Briscoe cleans house of Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team. A crossbody gets a two count on Haas. Benjamin connects with a superkick on Jay, which allows Haas to roll him up for a two count. Jay and Haas exchange boots to the face and both men are down. The two teams exchange shots in the middle of the ring.

Benjamin flies over the top rope and connects with a DDT onto the apron on Mark Briscoe. Haas connects with the Olympic Slam on Jay and locks on the Haas of Pain, but Jay reaches the ropes to break the hold. Jay Briscoe rolls Haas up after a headscissors takedown to pick up the victory and retain the titles. After the match, Benjamin hits the Pay Dirt on Jay. They then crotch Jay Briscoe on the ringpost several times.

Kevin Steen defeated Eddie Edwards

The two are at a stalemate as neither can take the other down with a shoulder block. Steen eventually gets a drop toe hold and a somersault leg drop on Edwards. Edwards is able to fight back and gets a crossface-type submission, but Steen reaches the ropes. Steen connects with a cannonball in the corner, and Edwards rolls to the outside. Steen tries to powerbomb Edwards on the outside, but Edwards reverses it into a powerbomb. Edwards charges him again, and Steen is able to powerbomb him onto the apron and bent him in half. They go up onto the stage of the venue. Steen sits Edwards in a chair and hits him with another cannonball. Edwards kicks Steen off of him and hits a double stomp off the stage onto Steen’s chest. A backpack jawbreaker gets a two count for Edwards. Edwards reveres a Sharpshooter attempt into an Achilles Lock, but Steen rolls him up for the three count!

World TV Title Match
Roderick Strong w/ Truth Martini defeated Jay Lethal

Before the match can start, Ciampa makes his way to the ring with the ROH World TV Title belt. He tells Lethal to make his match a title match, and if he beats Strong he’ll give Lethal the belt back and admit that Lethal is the better man. This match is now for the World TV Title.
After a brief feeling out process, Lethal gains the advantage with a nie submission hold and a slingshot senton. A delayed vertical suplex gets a two count for Lethal. Lethal dropkicks Strong when Strong is on the apron and then connects with a suicide dive. Lethal is distracted by Ciampa, which gives Strong an opportunity to regain his com Lethal unloads with a series of chops and forearms. posure. Strong backdrops Lethal onto the apron o gain control of the match. Strong catches a dropkick and locks in the Strong Hold, but Lethal is able to reach the ropes. Lethal hip tosses Strong and hits a dropkick and both men are down. Lethal unloads with a number of chops and forearms. Handspring elbow gets a two count for Lethal. A small package almost gets the three count for Strong. Lethal reverses a Gibson Driver into a hurricarana and then hits a superkick for a two count. Lethal goes to the top after hitting the Lethal Combination and hits Hail to the King for a two count. Strong dropkicks Lethal as he went for the Lethal Injection. Ciampa throws Lethal into the ring post and Strong is able to hit a backbreaker. Strong gets the three count and becomes the new World Television Champion.

ROH World Championship
Davey Richards defeated Michael Elgin w/ Truth Martini

Richards starts out fast with a series of kicks and knees. Elgin gets sent to the outside and he is met by a suicide dive by the champion. Richards kicks Elgin around the ringside area. Elgin clotheslines Richards off the top into the ring. Elgin holds Richards in a vertical suplex for at least 30 seconds before sending him crashing to the mat. Elgin catches Richards on his shoulders and drops him down in the Shock Treatment for a two count. Richards keeps momentarily getting the advantage, but Elgin keeps using his strength to overpower him. The two exchange forearms and Richards connects with an exploder suplex for two. Elgin and Richards fight on the top turnbuckle, and Richards superplexes Elgin, but that only seemed to piss the powerhouse off. Elgin connects with an enziguri! Richards responds with a clothesline for a nearfall. Richards locks in the ankle lock, but Elgin escapes to the outside. Elgin hits a fisherman suplex on the floor and the powerbombs him into the barricades. He rolls Richards back into the ring for a two count. Elgin connects with a corkscrew senton, but Richards kicks out again! They fight on the top turnbuckle again, and connects with a belly to back suplerplex and Elgin landed on his head! Elgin kicks out! Richards locks in the ankle lock once again, and Elgin reaches the ropes. The two exchange kicks and knees in the middle of the ring. Chaos Theory suplex from Elgin gets a two count. Elgin locks in the crossface! Richards finally reaches the ropes. Elgin is lying on the apron and Richards connects with a double stomp. Richards hits another double stomp, but Elgin kicks out again! Richards reverses a powerbomb attempt and rolls into the ankle lock. Elgin reverses it into a Labelle lock. Spinning powerbomb! Richards kicks out! He locks in the Labelle lock once again. He rolls it to the middle of the ring, but Richards reverses back into the ankle lock! Elgin rolls through it! Elgin kicks out of the Shining Wizard at one! A series of devastating kicks by Richards allows Richards to pin him, but he kicks out again! Richards lands with one more kick, and it was finally enough for Richards to put Elgin away to retain the ROH World Title.

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