Southern Defiance Results

Jay Lethal won the 20 man ‘Honor Rumble’

With a future ROH World Title shot up for grabs, this was always going to be huge match. 20 men entered with the usual rumble rules applying. The first man to show his hand was Jay Briscoe who eliminated five men before Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team and The Briscoes eliminated each other. Grizzly Redwood was in the final shake up before being thrown out which left Lethal, Roderick Strong, Michael Elgin and El Generico as the final four. Elgin and Generico were eliminated which left Lethal and Strong and the ROH World TV Champion threw Strong out to win.

Eddie Edwards defeated El Generico

Edwards is on the road to Final Battle with his new trainer Dan Severn where he will face Davey Richards for the ROH World Title. Generico will also be challenging for gold as he takes on Jay Lethal and Mike Bennett for the TV Title. This was said to be a great match, just as expected from the two most consistent performers in ROH. Edwards picked up the win around the 20 minute mark with the Achilles Lock.

Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team defeated Roderick Strong &Michael Elgin

WGTT will face the Briscoes at Final Battle but before then, they faced off against the House of Truth in a proving ground match with a 20 minute time limit. Fortunately for WGTT, they managed to get the job done with a couple of minutes to spare after Benjamin hit the leaping release German suplex from the top rope on Elgin – a crazy spot. Pretty good match that will give WGTT momentum going into Final Battle.

The Briscoes defeated C&C Wrestle Factory

These two teams faced off in last week’s ROH on SBG but the match was cut short after interference from WGTT. This time, the match went the distance and Coleman & Alexander were said to have put on a great showing. The Briscoes eventually won with the Doomsday Device on Alexander. The Briscoes received the biggest pop of the night from the South Carolina crowd.

The Young Bucks defeated The All Night Express

ANX have been left out of the ROH Tag Team Title picture of late. After winning a shot in Ladder War 3, they lost the title match to WGTT at ‘Glory  By Honor X’. They were given a tough test when they faced the Young Bucks who are looking to once again climb the ranks in ROH. The Bucks won a good match after the ‘More Bang For Your Buck’. Rhett Titus was said to have sold a leg injury a lot in the match, not known if it’s an actual injury or not.

Jay Lethal defeated TJ Perkins

Another ‘Proving Ground’ match for Lethal as TJP gets a chance to earn a future ROH World TV title shot like Roderick Strong did at ‘Glory By Honor X’. Unfortunately for Ring of Honor’s latest signing, he wasn’t able to pick up the win or last the 20 minutes as Lethal hit the handspring Ace Crusher for the victory. Said to be a fun, fast paced match.

The Bravados defeated Los Ben Dejos

Los Ben Dejos are apparently an up-and-coming tag team from Florida and faced off against the Bravados who are desperately trying to get some wins after ROH Officials said they would be forced to have an extended hiatus if they didn’t. Lance and Harlem picked up a much needed win with an assisted roll-up.

Mike Bennett defeated Adam Cole

Bennett, with Brutal Bob in his corner, will challenge for the TV Title at Final Battle and already claims that he’s the champion. With his tag team partner Kyle O’Reilly impressing on his own recently, this was a good chance for Cole to show what he could do and he put on a good showing. Unfortunately for him, Bennett got the win after the ‘Box Office Smash’. Bennett got a lot of heat.

There was a 10 bell salute for Bison Smith who recently passed away

TV cameras were at the arena and apparently both Proving Ground matches will be shown on the TV show in January.

They also mentioned a concept called “Road Rage”. While details about this are very sketchy, we would assume that they will record some matches from house shows for the TV show seeing as the next tapings aren’t until after the new year.

Kevin Kelly and Jim Cornette did live commentary as Nigel McGuinness is currently in England on his retirement tour.

Credit to cgstong on our forum for the results.

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