*Spoilers* May 18th 2012 ROH TV Tapings‏

It was announced that Lance Storm vs. Mike Bennett III will happen at the Du Burns Arena on June 29 (the next TV tapings).

1st Show

1. Adam Cole over Mike Mondo via backslide in a really good match to open the first show

2. Tommaso Ciampa over Nick Westgate (Local Wrestler) via ref stoppage after knees and elbows. Assault continues after match.

3. ANX over Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander in a super hot tag to get the crowd on their feet.

Steen with Jacobs & Corino come out and threaten to show up at the ROH affiliates dinner and embarrass Cornette. Cornette goes to reveal Steen’s challenger. Richards interrupts, tells off Cornette, puts over Steen and says they are the two best. No one in the ring likes Cornette. Richards gets his rematch at ‘Best In the World’ but it’s his ONLY title shot. Episode 1 ends with Richards in the ring looking out at Steen.

2nd Show

1. Michael Elgin over Matt Taven via buckle bomb and spinning sit-out power bomb.

ANX challenge WGTT at Best In The World in a match for the Tag Team Titles.

2. American Wolves face off for main event of episode 2: Eddie Edwards over Davey Richards. The story of Edwards vs Richards 4 is Davey’s extra aggression. He spat at a ringside Steen fan. Eddie won with a roll up after avoiding missile drop kick after Davey fought off Jimmy Jacobs.

Internet Match: Four-way with winner challenging for a title shot next month in Pittsburgh, the participants are Jay Lethal vs Adam Cole vs Mike Bennett vs TV Champion Roderick Strong. Strong wins the four-way and gets the title shot.

3rd Show

1. Mike Bennett over local jobber. Eddie Edwards clears the ring after Bennett and Bob beat up the local guy. Bennett challenges Eddie to face Bob next week.

Kevin Steen wants him vs Davey to be a NO DQ Match at ‘Best In The World’.

2. The Briscoes over local jobbers. After the match Truth Martini challenged The Briscoes at BITW. Briscoes vs House Of Truth.

3. TV Title Match: Roderick Strong over Tommaso Ciampa by DQ when Prince Nana attacks the champ after Ciampa hit Project Ciampa and made the cover.

4th Show

1. Eddie Edwards pins Brutal Bob with a backslide despite interference from Bennett. Homicide makes the save after the bout. Eddie Edwards eats a Cop Killa after Homicide clears the ring.

2. Jay Lethal over Chris Silvio. Pull apart brawl after with Lethal, Strong and Ciampa.

3. Team Ambition vs Kevin Steen & Jimmy Jacobs went to a No Contest.

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