*Spoilers* ROH TV Taping Results : Baltimore (1/7/12)‏

Devon Storm defeated Antonio Thomas

In a dark match before the tapings, Devon Storm (who was Crowbar back in WCW) defeated Antonio Thomas (who, if it is the Antonio Thomas I expect it is, was one half of the awful Heartthrobs tag team in WWE).

First Show Taping

Eddie Edwards defeated Mike Mondo

Edwards was in the ring for the first time since his disappointing loss to Davey Richards at ‘Final Battle 2011’. He faced off against OVW regular and a man who has competed in ROH sporadically for some time, Mike Mondo. The crowd were heavily behind Edwards and didn’t show much appreciation towards Mondo apart from  a ‘Spirit Squad’ chant. Edwards eventually won the with the 2K1 bomb.

Roderick Strong defeated Ricky Reyes

Strong defeated the returning Chris Hero at Final Battle and faced off against another familiar name to ROH fans – Ricky Reyes. Reyes was once part of the Havana Pitbulls tag team alongside Rocky Romero and was a Tag Team champion. It was said that the crowd didn’t get into Reyes with many not knowing who he was seeing as he hasn’t been a mainstay in ROH since 2005/06. Strong’s power moves got a lot of heat from the crowd and he eventually won after reversing a rollup and grabbing a handful of tights.

Matt Jackson w/Nick Jackson defeated Kenny King w/Rhett Titus

The All Night Express will have to wait for their Tag Title opportunity as Titus is currently on the shelf after knee surgery. The ANX/Bucks feud continued with a singles match between Matt Jackson and Kenny King. This match got better as it went on and included plenty of big moves and fast paced action. Matt stole the win when Nick hit King with Titus’ crutch as he was trying to do a springboard move. After the match, referees had to keep both teams apart as the Bucks taunted ANX.

Second  Show Taping

Tommaso Ciampa w/The Embassy defeated TJ Perkins

Ciampa is still undefeated in ROH  after defeating Jimmy Rave at ‘Final Battle 2011’. Here, he faced a much different task as he faced the lightning quick TJ Perkins. This was said to be another good match with some good action although the Embassy did interfere on several occasions. The constant interference led to Ciampa getting the victory with the ‘Project Ciampa’.

Michael Elgin w/Truth Martini defeated Grizzly Redwood

Michael Elgin has been very impressive over the last few months and won the annual Survival of the Fittest tournament to earn himself an ROH World Title shot. This match was initially going to be Devon Storm facing Grizzly but before the match, Truth Martini offered Storm $500 for Elgin to take the match or he would receive a beating. He accepted and Elgin destroyed Grizzly and ended up winning with the spinning sit-out powerbomb.

Davey Richards & Kyle O’Reilly defeated Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander

It would seem Richards and protégée O’Reilly will be teaming up more often and took on ROH’s newest tag team, C&C Wrestle Factory. A match that had some more good action with all four men showing how athletic they were. O’Reilly and Richards won the match with a doublestomp and guillotine. Richards got on the mic afterwards and put over C&C, he also said he and O’Reilly were ‘Team Ambition’. Eddie Edwards came out and applauded the victors.

Third Show Taping

Jay Lethal defeated Mike Bennett w/Brutal Bob and Maria

This match was said to be the best of the night so far. Bennett had his third opportunity at Lethal’s title. ROH Officials said this was Bennett’s chance to put up or shut up. The match was fast paced and had plenty of action but it was Bennett’s girlfriend Maria who would cause him to lose the match. She caused a distraction but Lethal used it to his advantage and slipped out of a loose cover to rollup Bennett for the win.

Kevin Steen cut a promo promising he will win the ROH World Title. Jim Cornette and a group of ROH Officials interrupted. Cornette banned the package piledriver but Steen said that won’t affect him and when he’s champion, there’s nothing he can do.

The Briscoes defeated Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team

WGTT came out for a promo and demanded a rematch from Final Battle but Cornette said they had no time. WGTT said they would hold the show hostage until they got a rematch and the Briscoes obliged. The match was just picking up some speed when Haas kicked Jay Briscoe into a steel chair held by Benjamin – WGTT were really pushing the heel thing. The match ended in a DQ and Cornette fined them again. Benjamin responded by saying “It was worth it, I’ve got a lot of money!”

Fourth Show Taping

Eddie Edwards defeated Kyle O’Reilly

After the earlier exchange between Edwards and ‘Team Ambition’, this was always on the cards. The match was said to be fast paced, stiff with lots of great chain wrestling from both men – a typical ‘old school’ type ROH match. Edwards won the match with a rollup. Whilst Edwards had O’Reilly in an ankle lock, Richards came out to support his man which led to Cole coming out too. After the match, Edwards invited Cole to form a tag team with him and challenged ‘Team Ambition’ to a match.

Mike Mondo fought Matt Taven to a draw

Mike Mondo pulls double duty tonight as he faces off against Matt Taven. The crowd were not into this one at all and Mondo once more got a bad reaction. Enter Kevin Steen who stormed the ring and laid out both men with the F5 (which seems to be his new finisher) saying these two men shouldn’t be having a match when he’s waiting to return. Steve Corino appeared at the timekeeper’s table but officials made sure they were kept apart.

Michael Elgin & Roderick Strong w/Truth Martini defeated The Briscoes

The Briscoes were still smarting from the money they lost by being on the losing team in the eight-man elimination match at ‘Northern Aggression’. The brothers wanted to be paid by the HoT after beating them but that wouldn’t be the case. After several interferences from Martini and general unsportsmanlike behaviour, Jay marched to the back and brought out a baseball bat which he then used as they got DQ’d.

Thanks to ProWrestling.net for the details.

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