*Spoilers* ROH TV Taping Results : Baltimore (3/3/12)‏

First Show Taping

– Dark Match: Ricky Reyes defeated Grizzly Redwood

– Adam Cole defeated Chris Silvio. Kyle O’Reilly was on commentary for this one in what was a competitive five minute match. Cole won with the cross-armed German suplex. After the match, O’Reilly got a mic and challenged Cole to a match at ‘Showdown in the Sun: Day Two which he accepted.

– Kevin Steen came out for an interview with Kevin Kelly. Steen had a tennis racket with Davey Richard’ face on it – nice touch! Steen once again says he’ll win the World title and hold the company hostage. Jim Cornette comes out and Steen mocks him so Cornette announces Steen vs. El Generico for ‘Showdown in the Sun: Day One’!

– March Mayhem Qualifier: Jay Lethal defeated Roderick Strong. Stong had both Truth Martini and Michael Elgin in his corner for this one. This was said to be a very good 15 minute match with Lethal picking up the victory. Both Martini and Elgin tried to interfere but failed and Lethal got the rollup pin for the three count. Strong was visibly angry afterwards and went to the back on his own.

Second Show Taping

– Jim Cornette interviews Davey Richards, Eddie Edwards and Roderick Strong. Regarding their Title match at ‘Shodown in the Sun: Day One’. Davey says he can’t trust Eddie which annoys Eddie. Roddy says Elgin will have his shot at ‘Showdown in the Sun: Day Two’ but he doesn’t seem to agree. Lethal comes out and says he deserves Roddy’s spot after beating him earlier. Steen then comes down and says he’s rooting for Eddie so their match at Night Two will be for the title.

– Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander defeated Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team. This was said to be a good match, you’re typical face v heel dynamic. After 10 or so minutes of action, Haas was hit with a steel chair by the Briscoes which allowed C&C to win. Shelton checks on his partner after the match and says that Florida will be genocide for anybody called Briscoe or anybody who cheers for them.

– March Mayhem Qualifier: Adam Cole defeated Michael Elgin. O’Reilly is again on commentary for this one – is this his new gimmick?! There was some more botched interference in this one from the House of Truth as this time Strong messed up which allowed Cole to rollup Elgin for the win after around 12 minutes. HoT attacked Cole after the match but Eddie Edwards made the save.

Third Show Taping

– March Mayhem Qualifier: Tommaso Ciampa defeated Kyle O’Reilly. Ciampa was said to look very impressive in this one. Interestingly, neither he nor Lethal came out with the TV title. Ciampa won after ref stoppage following O’Reilly getting knocked out by one of Ciampa’s running knees.

– Proving Ground Match: Davey Richards defeated Ryan McBride. McBride was announced as a local talent – he was born in Maryland. Apparently he competes in CZW. Despite that, Richards dominated this one and won quickly after making McBride tap out.

– Another Kevin Steen interview with Kevin Kelly. Steen asked why ROH are so keen to make sure he doesn’t wrestle on the show. Kelly says he’s a risk to his opponents. Steen says either Davey is being held back by somebody, he can’t hear because of his cauliflower ears or his head is stuck up Cornette’s ass. Cornette and Richards come out – Steen says the ankle lock should be banned like the piledriver. After a verbal tussle between Richards and Steen, Richards slaps him as Steen laughs and leaves the ring. Davey and Cornette argued at each other on the way to the back.

– March Mayhem Qualifier: Mike Bennett defeated Eddie Edwards. Eddie received a nasty cut on his back after Brutal Bob gave him a backdrop on the barricades. Lots of back-and-forth action in this one but Bennett won after Maria oversold a bump on the apron. The referee and Eddie were distracted which allowed Bennett to pick up the win. Edwards’ back was bleeding after the match.

Fourth Show Taping

– The Young Bucks defeated TJ Perkins and Shiloh Jonze. The Bucks are really turning up their heel antics lately. TJP improved the match when he was tagged in but the Bucks got the win with the More Bang For Your Buck after around seven minutes.

– Mike Mondo defeated Matt Taven. These two continued their mini-feud they’ve had going on the TV show in recent weeks. Mondo used a lot of clever heel moves such as feigning injury to lure Taven in. Mondo got the win eventually after reversing a flying move in to a downward spiral. ‘That was awesome’ chants after the match.

– March Mayhem Torunament Final: Tommaso Ciampa defeated Mike Bennett, Adam Cole & Jay Lethal. The winner of this one got $24,000.Bennett was the first eliminated after the Lethal Injection but then he himself got pinned just after with a knee to the head from Ciampa. Cole and Ciampa go at it for a few minutes of great action. Ciampa eventually gets the win with the Project Ciampa in around 14 minutes. Nana got the cheque and starting singing ‘We in da money’ before RD Evans took it and said it greatly exceeded the investors’ expectations.

– Dark Match: Mark, Jay & Papa Bricoe defeated The House of Truth. This was a non-televised bout. Lots of build up to the eventual Papa Briscoe and Martini confrontation in this one. Martini tries to avoid Papa at all costs and some outside interference allows HoT to work over Jay. Mark gets the hot tag and clears house before tagging in Papa Briscoe who spears Elgin, chokeslams Roddy as Jay and Mark take them out on the outside. Papa then hits a stunner on Martini for the win – said to be a ton of fun.

Credit to EcwHardCore07 on our forum for the details.

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