*Spoilers* ROH TV Taping Results : Louisville (11/5/11)‏

Ring of Honor taped their third set of TV tapings last night in Louisville, KY. With the TV show now in full swing, ROH looks to continue their impressive start. Back in the home town of the ‘Louisville Slugger’ Jim Cornette and with a stacked card in store, here are the spoilers:

Davey Richards defeated Michael Elgin

This wasn’t for Davey’s ROH World Championship but it was a ‘Proving Ground’ contest. If Elgin could survive 20 minutes or even win, he would get a World Title shot. This was said to be a heavy-hitting contest which Richards won with a couple of minutes left on the clock after a sunset flip. Following the match, Elgin beat down on Richards until Eddie Edwards made the save. Unfortunately for Edwards, he accidentally nailed Richards in the back of the head with the World Title. Both Wolves then began to fight as they were pulled apart by security.

Eddie Edwards defeated Andy “Right Leg” Ridge

Truth Martini was on commentary for this one which Edwards won pretty convincingly. Edwards got in some nasty chops which left Ridge’s chest bleeding and then grabbed the win with the Achilles Lock.

The All Night Express defeated Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team

This was a massive chance for ANX going into ‘Glory By Honor X’. This was a back and forth match until Shelton Benjamin was thrown to the floor and was subsequently attacked by the Briscoes with the help of a steel chair. Back in the ring and Charlie Haas received a big double team move as ANX picked up the win. Following the match, Haas cut a promo saying Shelton is like a brother to him and he knows what it’s like to lose a brother.

TJ Perkins defeated Chris Silvio

Silvio is apparently an OVW regular and was taking on recently signed TJP. This was said to be a competitive match that TJ got the better of as he looks to build some momentum on the new TV show.

Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander defeated The Bravado Brothers

C&C Wrestling Factory picked up a big win in this one over the ever improving Bravados. C&C were said to have received a pretty good response from the crowd and are the latest additions to the highly competitive ROH tag team division. A good match that Coleman & Alexander came out on top of.

The Young Bucks defeated Future Shock

This was a rematch from their pre-show match at ‘Best In The World 2011’ and really didn’t disappoint. At one point, Nick Jackson took a scary looking spot on the outside which saw his head bounce off the ring apron. Kyle O’Reilly tried to get a win by submission but the Bucks just wouldn’t submit. The Bucks eventually got the win with the ‘More Bang For Your Buck’ move.

Jim Cornette and Kevin Kelly joined Steve Corino & Jimmy Jacobs in the ring as Kevin Steen entered with his attorney. Cornette told Steen that he’s a great wrestler but he’s crazy and he’s a nightmare and an asshole. Steen replied by saying Cornette was a hypocritical piece of garbage and said he hates him because he can’t control him. Corino got on the mic and said that he started all this so he needs to finish it. At ‘Final Battle 2011’ Steve Corino will face Kevin Steen, if Steen wins, he’s back in ROH, if Corino wins he’s gone for good. Jimmy Jacobs will serve as a ‘special referee’ with Cornette watching on from ringside.

Tommaso Ciampa w/The Embassy defeated Shiloh Jonze

This was a glorified squash match that helped put the ‘Dominant Male’ over as just that. His undefeated streak continued as he hit the devastating ‘Project Ciampa’ move on Jonze to pick up the win.

ROH TV Title Match
Jay Lethal and El Generico fought to a time limit draw

Lethal picked up the title on the second ever ROH on SBG in overtime after the match went to a time limit draw. Since then, Lethal has defended the title against Mike Bennett who was sitting at ringside watching the match with his trainer ‘Brutal’ Bob Evans. Lethal hit the top rope elbow drop but Bennett distracted Todd Sinclair so the match ended in a time limit draw. Lethal went to argue with Bennett as Generico took them both out with a big dive to the outside.

Michael Elgin w/Truth Martini defeated Raphael Constantine & Sean Casey

This was a handicap match as two OVW regulars took on ‘Unbreakable’ Michael Elgin. Elgin picked up the win in this one after hitting a double spinebuster on both men at the same time – showing unbelievable strength and power.

The Briscoe Brothers fought Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander to a no contest

One of the Briscoes had a nasty cut above his eyebrow and it started bleeding quite heavily. The match was not stopped despite the show being TV-PG. WGTT interfered with chairs as they and the Briscoes fought out of the arena and into the parking lot. The match was therefore deemed a no contest.

Davey Richards defeated Kyle O’Reilly

This was a battle of the Team Richards members as Davey took on his protégée, Kyle O’Reilly. This was a non title match and Davey said it would be an ‘American Strong style’ match before it began. Truth Martini was on commentary and this was said to be a fantastic match. Tony Kozina was at ringside and eventually threw in the towel for O’Reilly as he was trapped in an Ankle Lock. Following the match, Martini got in the ring and made Davey an offer of some sorts. In spite of this, Richards and O’Reilly beat him up.

Mike Bennett w/Brutal Bob Evans defeated Jamin Olivencia

Before the match, Bennett was claiming that he was the real ROH TV Champion and told Olivencia that this was his title opportunity. A pretty competitive match until Bennett hit the ‘Box Office Smash’ for the victory.

Mike Mondo defeated Alex Silva

Both of these guys have featured on ROH TV before and both lost so this was a good opportunity for one of them to make a statement. Both are mainstays in OVW and this was said to be a good TV style match. Mondo picked up the win with a double arm DDT.

Thanks to the Mid-Southern Wrestling message board for the details.

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