*Spoilers* Title Changes Hands at TV Tapings

With all three Ring of Honor titles being on the line, it was probably a safe bet that one of them would change hands.

Davey Richards defended his newly acquired ROH World Title against former champion Roderick Strong. Wrestling’s Greatest Tag put their straps on the line against record holders the Kings of Wrestling and El Generico took on Jay Lethal for the ROH TV Title.

It was the latter, and maybe the least expected, that was the subject of a new champion. El Generico has proved over the last year or so that he is one of, if not the toughest competitor in ROH.

His bloody feud with former friend Kevin Steen was one of ROH’s main attractions in 2010. Generico was given the chance of capturing his first singles gold at ‘Best In The World’. ‘The Generic Luchador’ grabbed that opportunity with both hands and beat the departing Christopher Daniels to become only the third World TV champion.

Unfortunately for Generico, he would lose the belt in his first defense. He was charged with the task of defeating the returning Jay Lethal. Lethal came back to ROH following his departure from TNA.

Lethal, a former ROH Pure title holder, made his first appearance in five years back at ‘Best In The World’ and defeated Mike Bennett quite convincingly.

A few days ago, it was announced that Lethal had signed a contract with the company, and he celebrated that with some newly acquired gold.

Lethal is a good choice to spearhead ROH’s new era on broadcast TV. Generico is a fine wrestler but has a fairly low fanbase in national terms. Lethal is a recognisable face to most wrestling fans across America and indeed the World.

I’ve no doubts that Generico will re-capture the gold at some point but at this moment in time, Lethal will hold the title that has so much history despite being just over a year old.

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Steven Coney

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