Steen Is Evil

Talk about burning your bridges, Kevin Steen has just about burnt every bridge he’s ever crossed.

He’s one of the most controversial men not just in Ring of Honor but the whole of professional wrestling and he proved why with his actions last night.

Steve Corino led Steen down the wrong path last year as Steen waged a bitter war with his former best friend El Generico. Corino tried to prove to everybody that he was a changed man and claimed he was on the ‘road to recovery’. ‘The King of Old School’ has been on the right path despite attempts by the likes of Mike Bennett & The House of Truth to push him off the wagon.

Corino drafted in another former evil man – Jimmy Jacobs. Jacobs was revealed as Corino’s sponsor at ‘Supercard of Honor VI’ and ROH officials allowed Jimmy to be in Corino’s corner for his match against Michael Elgin last night at ‘Best In The World 2011’. Corino then pushed his luck and asked for the return of one of, if not the most evil man in ROH history – Kevin Steen.

Ring of Honor were adamant that Steen was not welcome inside the Hammerstein Ballroom and this was confirmed when security forced Steen out of the arena when he tried to hit the ring through the crowd prior to Corino’s match. After the match, The House of Truth beat down on Corino until Steen came through the crowd and took out Elgin.

Security once again approached the ring but Jim Cornette, after pleas from Corino, allowed Steen to speak. That’s when it all turned sour. Corino had bought Steen’s plane ticket to New York and backed his former protégée to do the right thing. Steen got the microphone and exclaimed: “My name is Kevin Steen… and f**k Ring of Honor!” Steen then took out Jacobs and hit a vicious package piledriver on Corino before he allowed security to escort him out of the building whilst he gave the Ring of Honor crowd the middle finger.

Steen had done it, he had swerved the whole Ring of Honor fan base. Who expected Steen to ruin his second chance? Not many people, especially not Steve Corino and Jimmy Jacobs.

Cornette grabbed the mic while Steen was leaving the building and shouted: “I swear on my mother’s grave that you’ll never be seen in Ring of Honor again, Kevin Steen!”

The ROH Executive Producer was furious that he had been fooled by Steen but he was in the same boat as everybody connected with Ring of Honor – we thought Steen had changed.

“We Want Steen!” chants quickly changed to boos and the crowd left the Hammerstein thinking they must have seen the last of Steen – there’s surely no way he’s getting a third chance.

Will we ever see ‘Mr. Wrestling’ step foot in a Ring of Honor ring again? If Jim Cornette gets his say he won’t and who can blame him.

Steen reeled us all in largely thanks to his fraudulent tweets – he even went as far as to change his twitter handle to @SteenIsChange.

Corino was distraught following the events that transpired and said: “I’m sorry Ring of Honor. Today was to be my day of Redemption but turned out to be a day of regret. Maybe I shouldn’t be doing this any more.”

Steen summed up himself pretty well by bluntly saying: “My name is Kevin Steen, and I AM EVIL.”

It would appear that we won’t see Steen again in Ring of Honor but I bet I’m not the only one that thinks that Steen won’t go that easily – there’s still more mileage in this story.

Steven Coney

"Stuff Pants" Steven is the co-owner and editor of He founded the website in February 2011 with Harry. Last spotted trying to take down ROHCast with his SCUM faction.