Steen vs Generico: Ladder War IV is Official

The Ladder War is the most brutal match in Ring of Honor and has been used only when feuds escalate to unmatched levels of hatred. There have only been three Ladder Wars in company history, with the last one taking place at “Death Before Dishonor IX.” The fourth Ladder War will take place at “Final Battle 2012” when El Generico makes his Ring of Honor return when he challenges Kevin Steen for the ROH World Title.

Steen and Generico are synonymous with the Ladder Wars as they competed as a team in the first two Ladder Wars. They battled the Briscoes in the first ever Ladder War at the “Man Up” pay-per-view in 2007, although they came out on the losing end. Generico and Steen once again took part in a Ladder War against the American Wolves at “Glory by Honor VIII,” and once again came up short.

Since then, many things have changed between Generico and Steen. Generico and Steen have turned into bitter enemies and have had numerous bloody matches against each other. The latest chapter in this saga began at “Glory by Honor XI” when Steen opened a package revealing a Generico mask. At the latest television tapings, it was announced Generico and Steen will fight in a Ladder War!

This match will most likely be the blow-off of the four-year-long saga, and whoever wins December 16 will have the final bragging rights in the feud.

Other matches have been announced for “Final Battle 2012,” and can be seen here.

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Harry Turner

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