Super Card of Honor V Review

“Super Card of Honor V” took place in New York City May 8, 2010.  It was the first “Super Card of Honor” to not take place during WrestleMania weekend or bring in any foreign talent, although it did feature some prominent TNA wrestlers.  The Kings of Wrestling will defend their ROH World Tag Team Titles against the Motor City Machine Guns and Tyler Black will defend the ROH World Title against Roderick Strong.  This show is highly thought of, so let’s see how it holds up a year later.

Rhett Titus and Kenny King vs Briscoe Brothers

This was before Titus and King were officially the All Night Express but still teamed together regularly and were managed by Austin Aries.  The crowd is very pro-Briscoe prior to the match as should be expected.  Jay Briscoe and Kenny King start the match off.  King gets the advantage after a couple of arm drags and showboats to the crowd, but is met by a huge kick by Jay to get the upper hand.  Jay clotheslines Titus to the outside and Mark Briscoe moonsaults off the top turnbuckle onto all the wrestlers on the floor!  That was pretty sweet.  Back in the ring, the Briscoes continue to work over King, but they cannot put him away with a three count.  The Briscoes go for the double hip toss, but King lands on his feet and he and Titus take the Brothers out, which allows Titus to get a two count on Jay.  Jay is able to get the tag to Mark and he uses his Redneck Kung Fu on the Pretty Boy Pitbull.  The advantage does not last long because of a double team move by King and Titus.  A Rocker Dropper gets two for Titus as Mark really needs to tag his big brother in.  Jay gets tagged in after Mark hits an ace crusher.  He comes in and unloads on Titus.  A Falcon Arrow type move gets a two for Jay.  An awesome double team move gets a two count for King.  Some miscommunication by King and Titus allows the Briscoes to connect with the Doomsday Device on King, who lands on Titus, which leads to the pinfall.  After the match King and Titus argue, but they eventually hug it out.

Rating: *** Awesome opening match.  They followed the basic tag team formula here, and there is nothing wrong with that.  They went out and had a fine tag match to get the crowd hot for the rest of the show.  This was an all around good match.

Grizzly Redwood vs Erick Stevens

This was during the never-ending war between Redwood and the Embassy that lasted most of 2010.  Redwood brings the fight right to Stevens, but he is easily overpowered.  Redwood uses his speed and agility to take out Stevens.  Prince Nana gets on the apron to distract Redwood and Stevens comes from behind and knocks him to the outside.  Stevens is just beating Redwood down, but Redwood won’t give up.  Nana even gets some shots in for good measure.  Stevens teases tossing Redwood into the crowd, but Redwood fights back and is able to get a pin attempt.  A springboard DDT gets a two count for the Littlest Lumberjack.  Redwood tries an axe handle off the top, but is met with a huge lariat from Stevens.  A Doctor Bomb allows Stevens to pick up the victory.

Rating: ** Decent little match here.  There’s nothing to complain about, but it wasn’t anything worth noting either.  This is the definition of “not bad.”

Prince Nana orders the Embassy to beat down Redwood after the match until Ball Mahoney makes the save!  Mahoney takes out the Embassy and the crowd is going crazy!  The crowd is loving this, which is really all you can ask for during something this random.

Sara Del Rey w/ Kings of Wrestling and Shane Hagadorn vs Amazing Kong

This is a women’s dream match as Kong had just finished up with TNA not too long before this.  These are considered two of the best women wrestlers in the world so this should be good.  The crowd chants various anti-TNA things and Kong appears to appreciate it.  Del Rey tries a shoulder block and can’t take Kong down.  She goes for another but is taken down and hit by a splash by Kong.  Kong is overpowering Del Rey.  Del Rey gains the advantage by working over the left arm of Kong and by a series of kicks.  She is using various submission holds to further wear down the arm of Kong until she reaches the ropes.  A kick sends Kong to the floor and the Queen of Wrestling takes the fight out to her and whips her into the barricade.  Kong fights back with a vicious chop and throws Del Rey into the barricade.  Del Rey is able to avoid the Amazing Press and locks in a cross arm breaker, but Kong once again reaches the ropes.  Kong connects with a backfist and clothesline combination for a near fall.  Del Rey hits a German Suplex!  Kong kicks out at two.  Castagnoli distracts the ref and Hero tosses Del Rey the lucky elbow pad and she uses it to knock out Kong to pick up the pinfall victory.

Rating: ** 3/4 This was a fantastic women’s match that was on pace to be one of the best one’s I have ever seen, but two things hold it back.  It is too short; the match only went about 10 minutes, but they packed the 10 minutes full of action.  I also did not like the ending at all.  It was still a very good match and a great women’s match.

Eddie Edwards w/ Shane Hagadorn vs Christopher Daniels

This is one of Daniels’ first matches back after returning to Ring of Honor at the “Big Bang!” iPPV.  Edwards is the Television Champion at this time, but this is a non-title match.  Daniels follows the Code of Honor, which is a huge deal if you know the early history of ROH.  Daniels and Edwards exchange some different holds in some very nice mat wrestling, although neither man is able to gain the advantage.  A couple of shoulder blocks by Edwards makes Daniels back off and reassess his game plan.  A series of arm drags between the two wrestlers ends in a stalemate, but Daniels is able to send Edwards to the outside, but does not capitalize on it.  Daniels gets a one count following an STO and is able to keep the upper hand.  Daniels connects with a picture perfect Arabian Press for another two count on Edwards.  Daniels charges Edwards who is able to hip toss the Fallen Angel to the floor.  Edwards follows it up with a suicide dive to take him out.  Edwards locks in an Achilles Lock with Daniels hanging over the top rope!  That was sick!  Edwards goes up top and hits a missile dropkick for a near fall.  Edwards goes for the Achilles Lock, but Daniels is able to roll him up for a two count.  An enziguri by Daniels puts both men down.  A flurry of forearm strikes gives Daniels the upper hand and a two count.  Daniels goes to the top rope but is pushed off by Hagadorn.  He grabs Hagadorn and is able to avoid a huge kick from Edwards that ends up connecting with his manager and taking him out.  He goes for the Angel’s Wing and Edwards is able to counter into a crazy attack on Daniels’ knee.  Backpack jaw breaker gets a two count for Edwards.  Edwards goes to the top and misses a double stomp attempt.  Daniels drills him with a Death Valley Driver for a two count.  The two men exchange forearm shots in the middle of the ring and Edwards eventually locks in the Achilles Lock, but Daniels makes it to the ropes to break the hold.  Daniels blocks a 2K1 Bomb and connects with the Best Moonsault Ever to pick up the win!

Rating: *** ¾ I’m convinced these two wrestlers can’t have anything less than a great match.  They went out and gave it their all here and delivered a fantastic match and it was a great way for Daniels to make his return.  Edwards and Daniels just work so well with each other.

Backstage Daizee Haze tells Delirious that revenge should be on his mind because of Aries destroying his throat.

Austin Aries vs Delirious

Aries comes to the ring in street clothes and is looking rather stylish if I do say so myself.  Aries goes off on a fan who called him boring and it is absolutely hilarious.  This man is golden.  Aries says he received his manager’s license and he is going to prove he is the greatest manager that ever lived.  He calls out Delirious and Daizee Haze to apologize for his actions as a wrestler.  Delirious and Haze make their way to the ring and Aries tries his best to apologize.  He gives Haze a rose and apologizes to her.  He offers Delirious a golden snack cake because they’re cheaper and it’s harder to chant than Twinkies.  Cue the fans chanting golden snack cakes.  This is amazing.  Finally, Aries offers Delirious to be his manager.  Delirious refuses to accept the apology and hits Aries with the microphone and jumps him as Todd Sinclair rings the bell to start the match.  He shoves the snack cake into Aries’ face.  Delirious chokes Aries with his belt and refuses to break the hold so Aries is the official winner by disqualification.  Titus and King come to the aid of Aries and a brawl ensues.

Rating: N/a There really no match to grade as this was more of a segment.  It was a great segment to further set up the feud between Delirious and Aries that would last most of the summer of 2010.

Backstage Colt Cabana says he’s excited for his match.

34th Street Last Man Standing Death Match
Kevin Steen vs Colt Cabana

The fans picked the stipulation of this match, which is part of the bigger feud between Steen and El Generico.  Cabana runs to the ring and immediately starts hitting Steen with a chair.  Steen is busted open not even a minute into the match.  Cabana sets a table up on the outside of the ring, but Steen fights back and avoids being sent into for the time being.  Steen throws Cabana in the ring, but he gets hit by a spinebuster through an open chair!  Steen catches Cabana’s running hip attack into the corner and throws him over the top and through the table!  That was nasty looking.  Steen goes under the ring and pulls out a ladder, but Cabana is able to catch it and hit Steen with it.  Steen is able to catch Cabana rushing again and throws him down on the ladder, which is draped across the ropes!  Cabana gets up at the count on nine.  Cabana is able to recover quickly and slams Steen down on the corner of the ladder as I cringe.  Thumbtack time!  Cabana just launched Steen off the top onto the pile of thumbtacks!  This match is brutal.  A chair shot goes right to the back of Steen, which is still stuck with thumbtacks.  A moonsault by Cabana with a chair on top of Steen starts the 10 count, but El Generico’s music starts playing.  However, it’s Steve Corino’s son Colby and Steve makes his way to the ring and low blows Cabana.  Colby hands his dad a barbwire baseball bat, who hands it to Steen.  Cabana is able to avoid the swing and gets the bat and blasts Steen in the face with it!  Steen is able to get up at nine. Steen hits a low blow with the barbwire bat and then hits a package piledriver on the thumbtacks!  Cabana barely makes the count.  Steen is able to lock in a crossface with the barbwire bat and Cabana passes out from the pain and is unable to make the 10 count.  Steen wins.

Rating: *** ½  This was a brutal match and Cabana and Steen went out and killed each other from bell to bell.  The match does suffer because of the quality and insanity of the other matches the four wrestlers in this feud had with each other.  It was still a very good and brutal match that had me cringing at spots.

ROH World Tag Team Championship
Motor City Machine Guns vs Kings of Wrestling (C) w/ Shane Hagadorn and Sara Del Rey

The Kings come out to Queen’s “We Are the Champions” as this is instantly all kinds of awesome.  Castagnoli and Sabin start the match off for their respective teams.  This match will obviously be all about power vs speed.  Sabin uses a nice headscissors to take Castagnoli off his feet and he tags in Hero, which prompt Sabin to tag in Shelley.  They take it to the ground and neither man can gain the advantage.  Shelley uses his speed to take Hero down, but Hero fights back and tags in Castagnoli.  A great series of double team moves by the Machine Guns takes the Kings out and they are working over Castagnoli.  He is able to tag in Hero who delivers a loud chop to Sabin.  Some more double team moves give the Machine Guns the advantage once again.  A series of boots by the Kings takes both Shelley and Sabin out and Castagnoli is in the ring with Shelley.  A guerilla press gets a two count for Castagnoli on Shelley.  The Kings have just been manhandling Shelley now with power moves and he really needs to tag out.  Shelley almost gets the tag but Hero pulls Sabin off the apron right as he is about to get it.  Shelley is able to fight off both of the Kings and is finally able to get the tag.  He is just going crazy and flying all over the ring!  A springboard DDT to Hero gets a two count for Sabin.  The Machine Guns connect with the Skull and Bones on Hero but Castagnoli breaks up the pin and throws Sabin to the floor.  Castagnoli goes for the Ricola Bomb on Shelley but is hit by an enziguri by Sabin.  Sabin, however, is met by a sick rolling elbow by Hero.  Shelley plants Hero into the turnbuckle and Castagnoli takes him out!  This is amazing.  Castagnoli connects with the craziest pop up European uppercut I have ever seen on Sabin, but it only gets a two count.  UFO time!  Big swing and dropkick combination gets another two count for the Kings of Wrestling.  Hero hits another rolling elbow on Shelley for yet another near fall.  Another great combination of double team moves gets a two count on Hero.  Del Rey distracts the ref as Hagadorn tosses Hero the elbow pad and here come the Briscoes to beat him down and the match ends in a disqualification.  Jay hits the Jay Driller on Del Rey.  The crowd hates this finish and they are booing the Briscoes, and I don’t blame them.  It was a horrible ending to an otherwise great match.

Rating **** It was a great match up until the cheap finish, which hurts it a lot.  Apparently TNA did not want the Machine Guns to lose on a non-TNA show, which is understandable, but from reports I have read they did not let ROH know until the last minute.  ROH really had no other choice but to do what they did.  It did leave a sour taste in my mouth, though.

Backstage Austin Aries is talking to Julius Smokes of all people and asks for his advice.  I don’t understand a single thing Smokes says.  Let me rephrase that.  I understand the words he is saying, but they are making no sense whatsoever.

ROH World Championship
Roderick Strong vs Tyler Black (C)

This was before Strong acquired Truth Martini and when Black was still a face, however he was being booed by a large portion of the fans.  This is the match Black promised Strong if he was a judge in his title match at the “8th Anniversary Show.”  He was supposed to be the first challenger, but Black’s first defense was in a triple threat match with Strong and Austin Aries.  Strong was unhappy about that and that leads us to this match.  The men take it to the match and exchange holds however neither of them can get the advantage.  A dropkick by Black gives him the advantage.  Black and Strong are exchanging chops in the middle of the ring and Strong wins the exchange, of course.  Black fights back and connects with a clothesline for a two count.  The match spills out to the floor and Strong is sent into the barricades.  He goes for a moonsault from the barricades but Strong is able to avoid it and connect with a big kick and then drops Black back-first onto the corner of the ring.  Strong continues to punish Black’s back when they get back in the ring.  Strong locks in a body scissors in the middle of the ring and he rolls it over into a camel clutch.  Black fights back but Strong throws him to the apron.  Strong hits a back drop onto the ring apron!  That can’t feel good.  A quick powerslam gets another two count for Strong.  Black is finally able to take Strong out with a back body drop and both men are down.  A standing shooting star press gets a two count for the champion.  Black dumps Strong over the top to the floor and hits him with an over the top dive.  Strong reverses a Paroxysm attempt into a reverse suplex for a near fall.  Black is able to fight off a Strong Hold attempt, but Strong just kicks him back down.  Black goes for a super kick, but Strong reverses it and sends Black over the top.  Black is able to catch Strong as he dives off the apron and hits an F5 on the floor!  Strong finally crawls back to the ring at the count of 19.  Black connects with an elbow in the corner and then hangs Strong in the Tree of Woe and hits a double stomp.  Paroxysm by Black gets a two count.  Black goes for the Phoenix Splash and is able to roll through it when Strong moves.  Strong connects with a high knee and a sick backbreaker.  Strong is finally able to lock in the Strong Hold, but Black is eventually able to reach the ropes.  Black hits God’s Last Gift but Strong is able to kick out!  Black hits a buckle bomb and Strong answers right back with a vicious big boot for a two count.  Strong avoids a super kick, but it connects with Todd Sinclair!  Backbreaker and Sick Kick put the champion down, but by the time a new referee gets to the ring Black is able to kick out.  Black connects with another buckle bomb, but Paul Turner is in the corner and is taken out by Strong!  Super kick by Strong, but there is no referee!  By the time the third referee gets to the ring it’s too late as Strong is able to kick out.  Strong pushes Black into the third ref taking him out and lands a backbreaker.  Sinclair climbs back into the ring to make the count, but Black is able to kick out!  The two slug it out in the middle of the ring and Strong hits another backbreaker.  Strong hits the Gibson Driver and Black kicks out again!  Strong goes to the top, but Black fights him off and connects with a top rope God’s Last Gift for the win!  Black retains his title!  Black offers Strong a handshake after the match, but Strong slaps him.  Black takes him down and a brawl ensues.  After the match Strong says he finally found somebody to tell him the truth.

Rating: **** ½ I absolutely loved this match.  The ending with the three referees plays in perfectly with the whole Roderick Strong is getting screwed by ROH storyline that was playing out at the time.  They told a great story during the match and delivered a great one.  I like this match better than the one they had at “Glory by Honor IX.”

Show Rating: “Super Card of Honor V” was a great show from start to finish.  The show flowed very nicely from match to match.  The only complaint I have is the ending to the Kings of Wrestling and Motor City Machine Guns match, but there was nothing Ring of Honor could do about that.  It was a tremendous show that delivered several great matches  For an overall show rating, I will have to go with 9 out of 10.

Jon Shumake

Jon has been with ROHWorld since March 2011. The American Bearded Nightmare is one half of ‘Team America’ on ROHCast, which is available every week on ROHWorld, iTunes and Stitcher.

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