Supercard of Honor VII Results

Quick Results:

  1. ACH & Tadarius Thomas def. QT Marshall & RD Evans via cradle DDT
  2. Mike Bennett def. Shelton Benjamin via inteference
  3. Michael Elgin def. Jay Lethal via Elgin Bomb
  4. SCUM def. Team ROH via gore from Rhino on Caprice Coleman
  5. Karl Anderson def. Roderick Strong via Ace Crusher
  6. TV Title: Matt Taven def. Adam Cole & Matt Hardy via modified DDT
  7. Tag Titles: reDRagon def. American Wolves via rollup
  8. World Title: Jay Briscoe def. Kevin Steen


The broadcast begins with highlights of the end of the ’11th Anniversary’ show and the war that has begun between ROH and SCUM. Kevin Kelly and Caleb Seltzer then welcome us to the show.

ACH & Tadarius Thomas def QT Marshall & RD Evans

RD and QT come out first. Evans gets on the mic and teases Tanahashi and also Lacey Von Erich as QT’s partner before revealing it is in fact himself. ACH and Thomas take control early on before QT blindsides Thomas and he and Evans take advantage. Evans hits a nice rolling neckbreaker but only gets one and ACH finally gets the hot tag and cleans house with the corner clothesline. Big crossbody off the top onto Evans and he then he gets RD in a cloverleaf before swinging him around. Evans breaks it up but gets sent to the outside and then ACH hits the Air Jordan on Marshall who was also sent out of the ring. ACH gathers Marshall and Evans and that allows Thomas to hit an awesome looking moonsault on both men. Back in the ring, Evans hits ACH with the Styles Clash but only gets two. QT and RD go for a double team move but are cut off, RD is sent to the outside and QT walks into a couple of kicks followed by the Big Bang DDT for the finish. Good start to the show.

Following that match, Shelton Benjamin comes down to the ring. He says Charlie Haas isn’t here tonight after retiring last weekend in Asheville, NC. He says he doesn’t have a match and then invites Cheeseburger, who was sat ringside, into the ring. He says he deserves a hand for standing up to Haas. Then out of nowhere, Mike Bennett comes to the ring with Maria and Brutal Bob. Bennett says the crowd are pathetic. He says he’s the hottest free agent in entertainment today and that he’s the greatest thing ever. Bennett goes to announce what company he’s signing for before Cheeseburger rips the mic out of his hand. He abuses Bennett, Bob and Maria before being knocked out by Bennett. That then leads to Shelton vs. Bennett.

Mike Bennett def. Shelton Benjamin

Shelton goes right after Bennett, throwing him into the ringside barricades before the action returns to the ring. Bennett hits a spinebuster and then goes for a TKO but Shelton reverses it into a backbreaker. Inverted atomic drop, clothesline and a big splash into the corner followed by a T-bone suplex gets Shelton two. Bennett reverses Paydirt and then hits the Box Office Smash for a near fall. Bennett then goes to hit the Go To Sleep to mock CM Punk but Shelton reverse it into a single leg Boston Crab. Maria on the apron to distract the ref Paul Turner which allows Bob to shoulder tackle Shelton. Bennett to the top and hits a guillotine leg drop. Instead of going for the pin, he starts making out with Maria who’s on the apron. Shelton takes out Bennett and Maria unknowingly starts to put Shelton’s hands on her bosom. Bennett tries to break it up but Shelton ducks and Bennett ends up kicking Maria in the face. Superkick and bridging German suplex get Shelton a very near fall. Shelton goes for a sunset flip but Bennett drops down and with Bob assisting him, gets the win. Started very slowly but got interesting near the end.

Michael Elgin def. Jay Lethal

Both men exchange holds to begin with and it leads to a series of pinfall attempts. Lethal begins to take charge with a cartwheel dropkick after a jumping heel kick. Lethal tries a sunset flip but Elgin catches him in mid-air and hits a powerslam. He then gets him up for a stalling suplex that lasts 30 seconds and then locks in the crossface but Lethal gets to the ropes. Enziguri from Lethal knocks Elgin outside and he then follows that up with three consecutive suicide dives. Death Valley Driver from Lethal who then goes for the Hail to the King but is cut off by Elgin with a running kick. With Lethal on the apron, Elgin goes to the second rope and deadlift suplexes him back into the ring. They both start trading strikes in the middle of the ring before Elgin takes advantage with a couple of clothesline followed by a black hole slam for two.

Elgin goes for a corkscrew senton but Lethal gets the knees up and then hits a pop-up neckbreaker for a near fall. Flatliner from Lethal who then locks in the Koji clutch. Elgin to the ropes and then both men exchange reverses before a big spinning backfist from Elgin followed by the Buckle Bomb. Two superkicks from Lethal but Elgin comes back with a superkick of his own followed by a bicycle kick and a big lariat for only two. Elgin with a second Buckle Bomb, goes for the Elgin Bomb but Lethal manages to reverse it into a reverse hurricanrana. Elgin with the Lethal Injection but Elgin fires back but walks into the Lethal Combination. Lethal hits the Hail to the King but Elgin kicks out! This is crazy! Elgin on the top, Lethal goes up to meet him but is met with a super Elgin Bomb. Elgin then hits the backfist, buckle bomb and another Elgin Bomb to finally win it. What a fantastic match.

After the match, SCUM hits the ring and start attacking both Elgin and Lethal and that leads to our next match.

SCUM (Jimmy Jacobs, Jimmy Rave, Rhett Titus, Rhino & Cliff Compton) def. Team ROH (BJ Whitmer, Caprice Coleman, Cedric Alexander, Mark Briscoe & Mike Mondo)

Unsurprisingly the match gets off to a chaotic start, with action happening all around the ringside area. Some kind of order is restored with Mondo getting beaten down by various members of SCUM. Mondo finally gets the hot tag to Whitmer, who cleans house and C&C hit stereo dives on Compton and Titus on the outside. Mark Briscoe then hits a diving somersault off the top onto members of SCUM on the outside. Members of both teams take it in turns to take each other out until we’re left with Jimmy Rave and BJ. Rave escapes out of the ring but Whitmer follows up with a suicide dive through the ropes. Corino, who was on commentary, leaves and grabs Seltzer’s headset and then throws him into the barricades. Back in the ring, Whitmer is taken out by Titus, Rhino and Jacobs. BJ is handcuffed to the bottom rope as Compton throws the powder into Mondo’s eyes. The match has broken down once again with the referee helping Seltzer on the outside. Caprice hits a nice piledriver on Rave but Rhino gets him with a belly-to-belly suplex followed by a gore to win the match.

With Seltzer injured, Nigel McGuinness joins Kevin Kelly for the second half.

Karl Anderson def. Roderick Strong

Both men exchange brief periods of dominance early on and this has started out as a very hard-hitting match. Roddy appears to injure his left knee and Anderson goes straight after it and begins to work it over. Action spills to the outside and Roddy suplexes Anderson stomach first onto the barricades. Roddy begins to take advantage and gets a two count following an Olympic slam. Enziguri from Strong but then he runs straight into a big spinebuster for two. Both men battle it out on the ring apron until Anderson gets the upper hand with a running kick to the face. Anderson to the top and he hits a jumping neckbreaker for two following by a running powerbomb for another near fall. Strong manages to block another Anderson move and hits a Sick Kick for two. Gutbuster and then another Sick Kick gets Strong another two count. Jumping knee from Strong but Anderson straight back with a piledriver for another two. Anderson goes for the Ace Crusher but Strong blocks it. After a couple of other reverses from both men, Strong walks straight into the Ace Crusher and Anderson picks up the surprise win. Good start to the second half.

ROH World TV Title
Matt Taven def. Adam Cole & Matt Hardy

This one starts quickly, Cole hits a suicide dive to Hardy on the outside before an enziguri to Taven who was attempting a dive of his own. However, Taven goes for a diving move again and hits both Hardy and Cole with it on the outside. Hoopla Hottie Scarlett then proceeds to sit on Nigel and takes her top off. Oh wait, there’s a match going on… Neckbreaker from Cole on Hardy gets him two and he then locks in the Figure Four. Taven then goes to the top and hits a frog splash on Cole for two. Superkick from Cole on Hardy gets two. Cole put in the tree of woe but as Taven hits Hardy with a Superplex, Cole manages to help Taven on his way with a German suplex. Cole up first but he walks straight into a side effect for two. Twist of Fate from Hardy on Taven but Martini onto the apron to distract Todd Sinclair. With his back turned, Cole hits Hardy with a low blow and then gets the pin with a small package to get his revenge from ‘Final Battle 2012’. Matt Hardy is eliminated. Steve Corino gets into the ring, Taven manages to push Cole into him and then takes advantage with his modified DDT to retain his title.

ROH World Tag Titles
reDRagon def. American Wolves

Back and forth to begin with until the Wolves begin to get the upper hand over O’Reilly. He manages to tag out to Fish though, as the champions begin to work over Richards in their corner. Davey gets the hot tag to Edwards who takes out O’Reilly with a big boot before a Fisherman buster on Fish gets him two. Both O’Reilly and Fish walk into hurricanranas and then Edwards and Richards hit stereo suicide dives to the champions. reDRagon fight back though, Fish hitting a nice somersault onto Richards while O’Reilly hit a missile dropkick off the apron to Edwards. Edwards takes more punishment back in the ring until he’s able to tag in Richards who hits a missile dropkick to take out both O’Reilly and Fish.

Big kick followed by a bridging German on O’Reilly gets Davey two. Wolves get a near fall after a flurry of moves but O’Reilly fights back, only to walk into an Ankle Lock. Davey then transitions to the trailor hitch, Fish tries to break it up with a kick but Davey puts him in an Ankle Lock! However, the champions manage to just get to the ropes. Alarm Clock on O’Reilly but Eddie goes for a Superkick and only finds his own partner. Davey and O’Reilly trade kicks and strikes and all four men are down. Fish hits an Alarm Clock of his own on Davey before a backdrop driver from O’Reilly gets two. Davey cuts off O’Reilly who went to the top and hits a Superplex before they hit the brainbuster/kick to the head combo. Both Wolves then hit double stomps on O’Reilly but he somehow kicks out! Fish gets back involved and kicks Davey who is pushed towards the ropes, O’Reilly then rolls him up and grabs a handful of tights to retain their titles.

ROH World Title
NEW ROH WORLD CHAMPION Jay Briscoe def. Kevin Steen

Jay’s left shoulder is taped after the injury he suffered at the ’11th Anniversary Show’. Steen attempts to powerbomb Jay onto the ring apron but Lethal reverses it into a back body drop on the outside. Steen back with a DDT that gets him two. Steen begins to focus on the should and hits a shoulderbreaker before locking in an armbar. Jay hits a flip neckbreaker and both men are down. Jimmy Jacobs tries to interfere but is cut off by Mark Briscoe who fights him to the back. Death Valley Driver from Jay gets him a near fall and then he then goes to the top but is cut off. Steen pulls Jay’s arm down on the top rope and then hits the cannonball in the corner for a near fall. Action to the outside and Steen hits the powerbomb onto the ring apron. He goes for a senton but Jay gets his knees up. Neckbreaker from Jay gets him two.

Out of nowhere, Rhett Titus and Jimmy Rave hit the ring but then my stream, and many others by the looks of it, cuts out. Not a great time for it! It seems to be back and Ring of Honor wrestlers have surrounded the ring to stop any more interference.

And now the stream is out again. And it comes back again just as Jay Briscoe is celebrating his victory. We have a NEW ROH World Champion! And I have no idea how he won it. Good night folks!

Steven Coney

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