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As many of you might know, Nigel embarked on his retirement tour towards the end of last year. He toured across the United States and his homeland of England. While he was on tour, Nigel filmed 60 hours worth of footage which he now hopes to make into a documentary.

This is where we can all come in. Nigel needs at least $32,000 to be able to make the documentary a reality. That amount will cover the entire production of the documentary, from editing costs to rights to use music and everything in between.

I’m sure this will be an excellent documentary, which is why we should all pledge as much as we can afford to the project. You can pledge as little as $10 and the more you pledge, the more you receive in return. But despite the amount, by pledging, you are confirming your interest in the documentary. You’re saying thank you to Nigel for the years of punishment and the sacrifices he made to entertain us all. The least we owe him is a $10 pledge.

If at least $32,000 is raised by April 9, the project will go ahead. If it’s not, then it won’t – it’s as simple as that. But it doesn’t need to stop there, the more money raised, the better the finished product will be; better editing, more music and footage for all of his fans. Nigel wants to tell his story, one of a man realising his dream without ever really reaping the rewards he deserved.

You can pledge and see a brief trailer at the following link:

Steven Coney

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