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ROH returned to Richmond, VA with a pretty special show. Much like Tag Wars, this show focuses more or less completely on tag team wrestling, even the non tournament main event is a tag team match. The winning team gets a future ROH World Tag Team title show as well as a nice sum of $5,000. Apart from that, we have Mike Bennett pulling double duty and an impressive main event between the Wolves and the HoT. All that and more in ‘ROH Tag Team Turmoil’ (7/8/11):

C&C Wrestling Factory vs. Future Shock

This was the opening match in the ‘Tag Lottery’ tournament. The winning team gets a future ROH World Tag Team title shot and $5,000. For an opening match, this was pretty much spot on. I musy say, too, that Coleman and Alexander were very, very good. Much better than they looked on the recent episode of ROH TV. Some really innovative moves from both teams and an enjoyable, fast-paced opener. Future Shock got the win with the high/low finisher move.


The Bravados vs. The Briscoes

The second match in the tournament and yet another decent match. Not quite as good, or as long, as the opener but it did its job. I like the Bravados and they picked up the win in this one after being dominated for five or so minutes. Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team came out and Shelton kicked a steel chair into Jay Briscoe’s face which allowed Harlem Bravado to pin him. Not a bad match and included some storyline development.

★★ ½

Mike Bennett vs. Kenny King

This was a bit of a strange match, neither guy really matches the other so it was interesting to see how it panned out. It was better than I expected but the finish really brought the rating down in my opinion. Both guys got a lot of their stuff in but all seemed like it was just a bunch of moves and nothing else. Bennett got the win with a handful of tights but Rhett Titus then came out and convinced Todd Sinclair to reverse his decision. Ugh… Bennett attacked Titus and Cornette then announced Bennett would wrestle again tonight, against Titus, as Chris Hero wouldn’t be able to make it.

★★ ½

ROH World Tag Team Title Match
Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team (c) vs. Colt Cabana & El Generico

The Briscoes came to the entrance before the match started which brought Jim Cornette out and he banned them from the building for the rest of the night. They had quite an east story with that one, you have the goofy, fun team of Cabana & Genrico and the ultra-serious WGTT. It made for some funny spots at times but I just felt this failed to get going. It went 15 minutes but was slow and didn’t show either team off in a great light. WGTT didn’t get a great reaction either but got the win after Shelton hit a flatliner.

★★ ½

Future Shock vs. The Bravados

This is the final of the Tag Contenders Lottery with the winners receiving a Tag Title shot in the future and $5,000. Not a bad match here but I don’t think anybody really expected the Bravados to win so it had a sense of inevitability. Some nice spots and the end was good, Cole & O’Reilly hit a superkick/brainbuster combo and then O’Reilly locked in the guillotine choke on Lance for the victory.

★★ ½

Mike Bennett vs. Rhett Titus

A second helping of Mike Bennett, aren’t we lucky? This was similar to the match earlier with Kenny King in the sense that it wasn’t bad but just seemed like both guys were doing move after move with very little consequence. This also had one of the poorest finishes I’ve seen in a long time. Bennett took an age to take one of his boots off, underneath he had a chain but Kenny King came out and grabbed it allowing Titus to hit the ‘Retribution’ for the win. Again, not bad but very little chemistry.

★★ ¼

The House of Truth (Michael Elgin & Roderick Strong) w/Truth Martini vs. The American Wolves (Eddie Edwards & Davey Richards)

There was a lot of pressure on these four men to pull something out of the bag because the card had been quite underwhelming so far. Luckily, they did. This was 30 minutes of brilliant action but I think the only problem was that it went a bit too long. Certain bits of the match just felt like they were being wasted and that’s not a good thing. Some brilliant spots in this one and Michael Elgin gets better every time I see him, he’s scary good. They tried their best but at times, it just didn’t click. Still an entertaining and hard-hitting match though.

★★★ ¾

Overall Thoughts: I suppose the announcement at the start of the show that Chris Hero couldn’t make the show was a bad start for this show and unfortunately it didn’t get much better. All the Tag Team Lottery matches were decent but didn’t go as long as they should have. Mike Bennett has improved but I don’t think any ROH fan wants to see him in two matches and while the main event was good, it perhaps didn’t reach the heights I was expecting. Pretty disappointing show all round.

Overall Score: 6/10

Steven Coney

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