TK O’Ryan Offers Update On Recovery Process

Kingdom member and former 6 man tag team Champion TK O’Ryan spoke with Sports Illustrated in their Extra Mustard feature about what is going on with his recovery and more.

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Here are some interesting tidbits from the interview:

“I was supposed to hit that moonsault and it was going to be beautiful, but what ended up happening instead was I smashed into the guardrail,” said O’Ryan. “For the record, Vinny and The Boys caught me perfectly, and the guardrail wasn’t too close.

“The only thing that went wrong was I jumped too far. I was fired up to be on pay per view, and it was nobody’s fault but my own. I was absolutely positive right away that I broke my leg when it happened, and that’s when I rolled onto my back. As soon as that happened, Vinny picked up one of The Boys and threw him in the ring, and Vinny and Taven hit our finish on him immediately. The match ended almost instantly after the injury.”

It stated in the article that the plan was for Castle and the Boys to go on a string of offense. TK mentioned that he felt worse about letting down the boys and Dalton than breaking his leg. He wanted to really show something in the match and allow the boys to be turned into more than what they’ve been portrayed as currently. It should be noted the boys do take bookings in other promotions and I do encourage everyone to check out their progress.

“I really wanted The Boys to turn into a legitimate tag team that night, and their best stuff was coming but it was all cut out,” said O’Ryan. “I felt really bad for them and I kept apologizing after the match, but they were just focused on my leg. I’m thankful to team with Vinny and Matt, and they handled the injury during the match very professionally and in a way that respected pro wrestling.”

O’Ryan has begun the rehab process, and he will receive a timetable on his return from the doctors at the Boston Medical Center later this week.

“The amount of time I’m out may shock people. I didn’t break a joint. I broke the main frame of my leg, so I’m not going to require extensive rehab,” said O’Ryan. “I’m walking now. It’s very painful and labored, but it’s really the swelling and bruising that is the problem. There is a metal rod in my leg that is replacing the bone that was broken, and over time it will fuse and the bones will grow stronger. As horrific as it may have looked, and I was expecting the X-ray to look like a bag of Skittles, the force of the impact caused a clean break.

TK mentioned that there is no timetable but that he has a follow up appointment coming up.

“I want everyone to see everything going on, the good and the bad,” said O’Ryan. “I shared a story the other day about going to the bathroom and spent twenty minutes crying hysterically in pain as a result. At the end, I tweeted a picture of the toilet paper with the word, ‘Success!’ I’ve always played the bad guy, so it’s really cool to go on the other side of the fence and just connect with people. It’s been amazing. My life has been turned upside down, but people keep reaching out to help.”