TV Title Match Set for Baltimore‏‏‏

When “The Prodigy” Mike Bennett arrived in ROH, it was with much hype and a bold proclamation: He would win an ROH title by the end of 2011.  What resulted was several big victories and a solid overall year, yet no title heading into Final Battle.  Bennett competed in a three way elimination match for the TV title at the show, eliminating El Generico, but ultimately coming up short to reigning champion Jay Lethal.  However, what should have been the end of his promise has turned out to be just the beginning.

With Bennett crying foul about the circumstances of the match for weeks, ROH officials have taken matters into their hands to put an end to this situation once and for all.  When ROH rolls into Baltimore, MD January 7th to tape TVs, Bennett will receive another shot at Lethal; one on one for the TV Title, with no time limit.  With this additional stipulation, it’s put up or shut up time for Bennett.  No excuses, no “one more chance”, no time limit.  It’s Mike Bennett vs. Jay Lethal one more time this Saturday in Baltimore!

Landon Sands

Landon is the former news writer of ROHWorld.