ROHWorld Weekend Roundup (8/24/12)

The American Wolf Back on the Hunt

Ring of Honor reported on its web site early this week that Davey Richards will be making his big return at the Death Before Dishonor X: “State of Emergency” show in Chicago Ridge, IL, on September 15.
Richards’ last appearance for Ring of Honor was at the Best in the World: “Hostage Crisis” show on June 24 in New York, where Richards lost his return match to Kevin Steen with the stipulation that if Richards couldn’t win the title back, he would never receive another shot.

The time table for Richards’ ROH return came together a few weeks ago when Pro Wrestling Noah released the roster for the annual Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Tournament, a tournament which Richards was supposed to enter alongside British standout Zack Sabre JR. Instead, former WWE star Paul London was announced as Sabre’s partner, so it was only a matter of time before Ring of Honor announced Richards’ return to the company. There will still be a Ring of Honor presence in the tournament, however, as Eddie Edwards will be tagging with Bobby Fish, who most recently participated in the Evolve Style Battle Tournament.

The new hook for Death Before Dishonor X is what Richards will say in regard to his future in Ring of Honor, since he is barred from challenging for the world title until Steen loses it. “Davey is not one to pull any punches and has earned a reputation for being brutally honest about his thoughts & feelings on others as well as about himself,” read Ring of Honor’s official web site.

A program with Richards’ former protege Kyle O’Reilly appears to make the most sense, with the seeds for that program being planted before Richards’ match at Best in the World: “Hostage Crisis” when O’Reilly denounced any further affiliation with Richards or Team Ambition. Not only would that program produce a number of technically sound matches, but O’Reilly’s promo at the June pay-per-view brought out the most intensity I have ever seen in him, and a feud with Richards could do wonders in developing the young upstart’s character.

Of course, it’s important to bear in mind that Richards is still adamant on retiring some time next year, so what ever kind of run he has in Ring of Honor, it will be heavily influenced by whether or not he sticks to his guns on only having a year of his professional career left. reached out to Richards in an attempt to gain more insight into the “American Wolf’s” next run in the company. The former world champion spoke tersely and to the point, saying “Expect me to be more dedicated than ever. I want to be the best wrestler in the world.

First Four Members of Survival of the Fittest

The Survival of the Fittest tournament will be televised for the first time in its eight-year history. The tournament will be a part of Fan Appreciation Night in Baltimore, MD, on September 22 before Ring of Honor moves elsewhere to tape its television show, as the feeling is they have run Baltimore so many times this year, they have exhausted the market.

Only four competitors have been announced thus far, with more to come on the official Ring of Honor web site. The competitors at press time are: Michael Elgin, Adam Cole, Jay Lethal, and Roderick Strong.
There has been no word on the tournament’s format as of press time, and realistically we probably won’t know until after the tapings, but the traditional six-man final will reportedly still be the main feature.

Tommaso Ciampa Update

Tommaso Ciampa is still tentative about his knee injury, which he sustained back at the Boiling Point show at the beginning of his two out of three falls match against Jay Lethal. The knee is still not at 100 percent. We hope to know more next week.

New Jersey Developments

Ring of Honor announced the Briscoes teaming against Eddie Edwards and Adam Cole for the Rahway, NJ show on October 6.

Quick note on Edwards: Since he will be participating in the aforementioned Pro Wrestling Noah tournament, he will not be doing any ROH dates in September.

Ring of Honor Card Game

Remember the Ring of Honor card game we were so thrilled about a few months ago? Filsinger Games, the game’s manufacturer, has released a few previews here.

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