ROHWorld Weekend Roundup (10/12/12)

Creative Shakeup

Creative shifts have rocked the wrestling world this week, not the least of which saw Jim Cornette step down from his position of head of ROH Creative.

Hunter Johnston is set to direct ROH’s creative efforts once again.

Johnston headed ROH Creative starting late in 2010, but when Sinclair acquired the promotion in May of 2011, Cornette became gradually more involved in the creative process, eventually fully taking charge. Johnston has worked closely with Cornette since Cornette took hold of the company’s creative direction.

The announcement was made on Saturday night at the show in Rahway, NJ.

Cornette will remain involved in the creative process, assisting with formatting, writing, and other duties. The decision was more for Cornette to step out of the spotlight as opposed to Cornette being frustrated with the company.

Turmoil Coming Out of Rahway

Ring of Honor presented “Killer Instinct” in Rahway, NJ, this past Saturday, a show marred by fans calling for a “Refund” for what many are calling a “Cheap finish.”

The main event pitted Kevin Steen against New Jersey’s own Jay Lethal in a match for the Ring of Honor World Championship. After about 30 minutes of back and forth action, Steen became involved in an altercation with Lethal’s family, who were ringside for the show. Steen reportedly spat on Lethal’s mother, sending Lethal over the edge and prompting a brawl that eventually ended the main event in a no contest.

The controversial element that surrounds this show doesn’t seem to stem from the finish of the match itself; instead it seems to be a circumstance of timing. The show on Saturday night was the company’s first time running Rahway in three years, and many fans felt slighted by the company doing a no-contest finish the company’s first time back.

Ring of Honor took to its website on Wednesday, seriously playing up the implications of Saturday’s main event gone wrong.

“ROH officials are counting on Kevin Steen being there to defend his championship on Saturday but there is a strong possibility that will not happen,” the website read.

The statement released Wednesday afternoon also said that Lethal would be facing serious consequences, including fines and removal from a ROH training seminar in December.

ROH COO Joe Koff reinforced the idea that both Steen and Lethal would receive fines in a Youtube video obviously designed to play up the turmoil.

“Jay Lethal and I had a very long discussion this morning about the events that transpired in Rahway this past Saturday night,” Koff said. I cannot have a situation ever in Ring of Honor where the integrity of our product is put into such jeopardy by the actions, and the reactions, and the emotions, that took place in that arena.”

Ring of Honor also released a video on its website Thursday afternoon showing Lethal attacking Jim Cornette in what was deemed a “Violent outburst.” Presumably this is ROH’s way of writing Cornette out of future storylines, adding to Cornette’s already scaled-down duties with the company.

For full results from the Killer Instinct show, click here.

Glory by Honor XI Tomorrow

Ring of Honor makes its return to internet pay-per-view tomorrow, headlined by Michael Elgin challenging Kevin Steen for the Ring of Honor World Championship.

To assuage any fans’ reluctance to purchase the show because of technical issues, Ring of Honor announced a pre-show beginning at 7 P.M. EST.

“If, for any reason, the stream is not working to your satisfaction, we have enabled you to cancel your order from the MyPPVs page right up until the time of the event,” the release read.

A full preview of Glory by Honor XI can be found here.

Pittsburgh Tapings Coming Together

Ring of Honor have announced two matches for their final television taping of 2012, Nov. 3 in Belle Vernon, Pa.

First, whoever walks out of Glory by Honor XI with the television championship–either Adam Cole or Eddie Edwards–will defend against Kyle O’Reilly.

Also, Michael Elgin will face Davey Richards in a Showdown in the Sun rematch. If Elgin can beat Kevin Steen for the World Championship at Glory by Honor XI, then Elgin will be defending the title against Richards on Nov. 3.

This Week on columnist Dave Hatton speculates on Ring of Honor’s final show of the year, Final Battle, here.

The latest edition of the ROH Cast went online yesterday, talking in depth about a lot of the topics tackled above. Check it out here.

That’s all the news for this week. Make sure to keep checking out for all of your Ring of Honor news, notes, and analysis. We will have full coverage of tomorrow’s Glory by Honor XI show as well. Thanks for reading, and have a great weekend.

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