ROHWorld Weekend Roundup (8/17/12)

Boiling Point Heats up Providence

Ring of Honor presented Boiling Point from Providence, RI, this past Saturday live on internet pay-per-view.

You can read a full recap of the in-ring action here, and check out this week’s ROH Cast for a bit of a live perspective.

As far as numbers go, the attendance was reportedly well above the Rhode Island Convention Center’s capacity of 800 seats. The live IPPV did about 650 buys, a far cry from Ring of Honor’s peak of about 2,300 buys. The low number makes sense though when one looks at it in context.

With fans’ faith in the company to produce a watchable live product shaky at best, ROH could potentially use these lower-level house shows as a vehicle to rebuild the good-faith. For the record, the IPPV feed looked and sounded great, with no real glitches to speak of.

But couple a rocky recent past of technical mishaps and the relatively poor build that went into this show, and the low number of buys shouldn’t surprise anyone. (Credit The Wrestling Observer Newsletter for IPPV numbers.)
And as one final sidenote: Caleb Seltzer, the commentator whose work during the four-way many enjoyed, is reportedly pegged as the guy who will replace Kevin Kelly in the long term. (Credit to Figure Four Weekly.)

Back to the Burgh

Ring of Honor announced on its web site earlier in the week that it would be returning to Pittsburgh on November 3 at the Rostraver Ice Gardens. Match and talent announcements are to follow.

Survival of the Fittest is Back

On September 22, Fan Appreciation Night in Baltimore, MD, will now play host to the annual Survival of the Fittest Tournament. There is no word on the format of the tournament thus far. Michael Elgin will cash in his tournament win from lasst year on October 13 at Glory by Honor XI.

The Bandwagon Rolls into Caged Hostility

Ring of Honor’s September 8 event, Caged Hostility in Charlotte, NC, is slowly coming together. The Bravados were announced to be taking on the team of Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander. The story is that CnC beat the Bravados back at Final Battle 2011, and this is the Bravados’ opportunity to get their win back.

Also announced for Caged Hostility, Kyle O’Reilly vs. Adam Cole in a Best in the World rematch. It has also been teased that this match might end up as a submission match, but that stipulation has not yet been made official.

Also on tap for Caged Hostility:

Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin vs. Michael Elgin and Roderick Strong.

Rhett Titus and the Briscoes vs. SCUM.

This Week on

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Not very much in the way of news this week. Keep checking back with for all of your Ring of Honor news, notes, and analysis. Enjoy your weekend.

Des Delgadillo

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