The Young Bucks Discuss Why The Elite Havn’t Split From the Bullet Club

The Young Bucks were on the Art of Wrestling podcast with Colt Cabana and had some interesting comments about why The Elite haven’t split from the Bullet Club. You can give the entire podcast a listen below. Transcript thanks to

Nick Jackson on The Elite not splitting from The Bullet Club: “Trust us, the three of us have said, ‘let’s split’, but no one will allow it because the merchandise is too big. That’s the reason why it hasn’t split and probably won’t split up.”

Matt Jackson on why they formed The Elite: “When [Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson, and AJ Styles] left, that’s why we formed The Elite. We were planning the next phase. And this is easily the biggest The Bullet Club has ever been and it’s my favorite [lineup]. I just tweeted this last night; this is my favorite version of The Bullet Club by far! It’s the most chemistry we’ve ever had, I think.”

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