WAR – Asheville, NC (3/30/13) Results

Quick Results:

  1. Michael Elgin def. Adam Page via Elgin Bomb
  2. QT Marshall vs. Darren Dean ended in a no contest when SCUM interferes
  3. Jimmy Jacobs & Jimmy Rave def. Mike Mondo & Grizzly Redwood via interference from Steve Corino
  4. Rhett Titus def. B.J. Whitmer via SCUM interference
  5. American Wolves def. Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander via a tombstone piledriver / kick combo
  6. Jeff Lewis Neal def. Charlie Haas
  7. ROH World Tag Team Titles: redDRagon def. Alabama Attitude via Brain Buster / Kick combo
  8. ROH TV Title Proving Ground: ACH def. Matt Taven, Roderick Strong & Jay Lethal
  9. ROH World Title: Kevin Steen def. Mark Briscoe via Package Piledriver


Michael Elgin def. Adam Page 

Elgin continued his momentum going into ‘Supercard of Honor VII’ next weekend with a win over Adam Page. Elgin hit the spinning backfist followed by a buckle bomb and the Elgin bomb for the victory.

QT Marshall and Darren Dean fought to a No Contest

Dean is a trainee of Davey Richards. Before the match, QT talked about his mystery partner for ‘Supercard of Honor VII’, saying he hopes it’s Alex Shelley. He also mentioned Hiroshi Tanahashi and Prince Devitt, all three being New Japan Pro Wrestling talents. The match didn’t last long after Jimmy Jacobs, Jimmy Rave and Steve Corino interfered and it ended in a no contest.

Jimmy Jacobs & Jimmy Rave def. Mike Mondo & Grizzly Redwood

Following their interference in the previous match, SCUM began to cut a promo before their tag match against Mondo & Grizzly began. The team of Jacobs and Rave won after pinning Grizzly following a double team move. After the match, Rhett Titus came out and tried to put Grizzly through a table but was stopped by BJ Whitmer.

Rhett Titus def. BJ Whitmer

Jimmy Jacobs went through a table in this one before the finish which saw Titus pick up the win after hitting BJ with a roll of coins, similar to what Steve Corino has been doing recently. After the match, SCUM continued the beat down on BJ until the American Wolves come down to make the save.

American Wolves def. Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander

This match was said to have been the match of the night and it’s no surprise. The crowd started ‘This is Awesome’ chants and the Wolves managed to pick up the win after the tombstone piledriver/kick combination. After the match, Davey put over C&C.

– We then went to intermission and following that, we had a ten bell salute for Reid Flair. 

Jeff Lewis Neal def. Charlie Haas

Neal is a local wrestler from the Carolinas region. Before the match, Haas got on the mic and said that he had given it all up for wrestling and it’s now time to step away and be a father. He says this is his last match. The match began and Neal won with a roll up. After the match, Haas again cut a promo, this time without a mic, and was apparently in tears. You can read more about Haas’ ‘retirement’ and what he said, here.

ROH World Tag Team Titles
redDRagon def. Alabama Attitude

Fish & O’Reilly successfully retained their ROH World Tag Team titles after the brainbuster/kick combo. Was said to have been a good match. Fish then proceeds to tell a child in the audience that the Easter Bunny is a hoax!

Proving Ground
ACH def. Matt Taven, Roderick Strong & Jay Lethal

ACH secured himself a ROH World TV title shot, which he will receive at the New York TV tapings next Saturday, after pinning the TV champion Matt Taven with the capture DDT. Strong & Lethal also came close to winning the match but ACH is the man who earns the title shot. A couple of botched spots were said to have slowed the match down.

ROH World Title
Kevin Steen def. Mark Briscoe

Steen will go on to face Mark’s brother Jay next Friday at ‘Supercard of Honor VII’ after successfully defending his title. Said to have been a fun brawl which saw Steen retain after hitting the Package Piledriver on Mark. After the match, Jay cut the go-home promo, promising that he will win the title next Friday in New York.

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